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9 Tips For Living a Stress Free Life Every Day

All of us, irrespective of age, have gone through bouts of stress whether small or huge. During such testing times, such as this pandemic, where it is expected by each one of us to keep our mental and physical health fit by taking precautions like sanitizing our hands, wearing PPE kits, and maintaining social distancing. We need to practice certain methods to keep our sanity intact. We need to build and live in an atmosphere that is healthy for our growth.

To keep ourselves sane and going, there are a few things we need to take care of, starting from health. This quarantine has induced claustrophobia in everyone’s mind. Staying indoors for months for people with working life can prove to be mundane and suffocating at some point in time  Here, in this article, we will try to help you with some tips on stress-relieving techniques to keep all your anxieties and worries at bay.


1. Rise Early

The key to a stress-free life starts with rising early in the morning. Studies suggest that people who rise early face lesser health problems on average. It not only gives you a healthy mind and fit body, but it also buys you a lot of time for your day-to-day activities. A healthy mind and body will resist any kind of negativity to pervade your lifestyle.


2. Yoga

Yoga or simple meditation for half an hour in the morning can work wonders to flush away stress or anxiety from your life. People who meditate tend to be calmer on the inside, in turn being calmer with their external world too. A good thirty minutes of meditation can help relax your mind and body in the morning and erase little bouts of stress from your life, gifting you serenity and peace instead.


3. Patience

It happens to the best of us that things always do not go as planned. In such a case, instead of being impatient or disheartened, remember life is bigger than what it seems to be. The imbalance is what life is made up of, little ups and downs should not hamper your willingness to pursue it. Breathe and try to relax when faced with hurdles. See it as life happening to you and wait for it to get better, gradually. Remember, we only have the option of working towards big and small purposes, without stopping, and wait patiently for them to bear fruit.


4. Schedule

At times life gets a little clumsy and out of hand by constantly holding the load of toppling uncertainties. These uncertainties might be small or big but they sure do render us chaotic and lost. To start untangling these knots, start with making a schedule. You have 24 hours at your disposal to sketch out a juicy routine for yourself. Assign yourself tasks that have been piled up before. Step by step, sort things out one at a time. Even if you loosely follow this self-made schedule, you are victorious. For nothing changes all at once. As soon as things began to fall in place, it will lessen your stress and gradually you will be calmer and sober on the inside.


5. Healthy Diet

The key to a healthy heart and mind lies in your plate. If you didn’t know already, taking three meals a day is a MUST. Often we skip our breakfast in a hurry to reach the office or school on time or sometimes skip lunch or dinner because we are too caught up in work or suffering through some kind of stress. Stress only gets stronger if you skip those vitamins and protein laced food. To begin with, our food contains essential nutrients to not only keep our body healthy but also keep that mind at peace. It is important to have your meals at the right time so that your body does not have to pay for increasing stress. Food will provide you with the strength to face difficulties with greater zeal.

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6. Recreational Activities

Another way to deal with stress is to engage yourself in recreational activities. Recreational activities can mean listening to music to freshen your mind or watching a film or series with a friend or even alone. This will not only clear out your mind, but it will also refreshen and re-energize you for further tasks. Recreational activities are a must to freshen yourself especially after having a hectic day at work. Recreational activities are not restricted to watching a film or listening to music, you can also choose your kind of recreation. It can be anything, ranging from painting to creating a video to playing games to singing, whatever helps you relax.


7. Socialize

Sometimes the reason for stress is that the pile-up things inside and not talk to anyone about it. The easiest way to let out stress is to talk about it bit by bit to someone close to you. Talking it out somewhat lightens you up and feels like getting rid of a burden. It is always advised to share your problems with your partner or family and see if they can help you through this. You can even try and meet your friends, talk to them, spend a day with them and see if it lightens your mood and drive away stress needless to say in such times as this pandemic, it is advised to prep yourself up with PPE kids and stay safe and stay indoors.


8. Go on Vacation

Nothing absolutely can be as detoxifying as a quick vacation. A short vacation would work wonders to shed stress on your shoulders. As soon as this pandemic is over and normal life is restored, you can step out and go on a vacation with your partner or family or even alone to freshen your spirits, to strengthen, and to recapitulate life as it is. Let your hair down when you are on a vacation and let nature unfold on you. Let the peace of nature sink inside you and diffuse all that stress into thin air. We all deserve to treat ourselves to these delicacies once in a while. You work hard, you need to be celebrated for all your efforts.


9. Hit the Gym

Another very easy-to-proceed way to keep stress at bay from your mind and body is to hit the gym. Going to the gym does not only help with fitness, but it also helps in de-stressing yourself by channelizing that frustration into push-ups and doing squats. After a hectic day, one needs a place to let out his/her in some way or the other. People have chosen to work out within the proximity of their house, it is advised you do the same for the time being. If you are availing the gym, make sure you have PPE kits to protect yourself and take all kinds of precautionary measures to stay safe from the virus.

These suggestions will not only help you drive away stress, but it will also help you get in a habit of a healthy lifestyle. It is advised that you follow these tips one by one and maybe not all at once, one baby step at a time will not feel suffocating or binding. However, imposing everything all at once might turn out to be a little overwhelming. Follow these tips given above and share your experience with us in the comment section below. We would love to know your views on it.