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Analyzing Trends: A Comparative Study of Cipla and Sun Pharma

Cipla and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (Sun Pharma) are two leading pharmaceutical players in India’s fast-growing drug-maker ecosystem. In this post, we analyse how the companies stack up across critical parameters, impacting their competitive positioning and investment appeal for stakeholders.

Company Overview

Cipla: Established in 1935, Cipla is one of India’s oldest and most reputed pharma companies. It manufactures drugs across therapeutic areas with state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure. Cipla share price has shown steady growth over the last 5 years, delivering good returns for investors in the company, which is gearing up its R&D and product pipeline for the next phase of expansion.

Sun Pharma: Founded in 1983, it is India’s largest pharma company and the world’s fourth-largest speciality generic company. It makes generics, specialty products and APIs sold in over 100 countries. Though sun pharma share price has been volatile in recent years, the company continues to deliver industry-leading revenue growth and profitability margins, given its strong global footprint and niche product portfolio.


Financial Growth Metrics

Revenue Growth:

  • Over FY18-23, Cipla’s revenues grew at 9% CAGR from ₹15,219 cr to ₹22,753 cr
  • Sun Pharma’s topline rose 11% CAGR from ₹24,406 cr in FY18 to ₹43,886 cr in FY23

Sun Pharma has maintained a slightly faster pace of revenue expansion in recent years.



  • Cipla’s operating margins have surged from 18% in FY18 to 22% in FY23
  • Sun Pharma enjoys high profitability with an OPM of 25-26% over the past 5 years

Sun Pharma’s rich product mix and efficient operations result in best-in-class margins.

Cipla has delivered steady returns for investors, while Sun Pharma has been inconsistent in recent years. Overall, Sun Pharma retains leadership in profitability, but Cipla is catching up across growth parameters.


India Sales Contribution

  • Cipla earns over 40% of overall sales from the Indian market as of FY23
  • For Sun Pharma, domestic sales comprised just 29% of FY23 revenues

Cipla enjoys higher exposure to fast-expanding local demand currently.


Exports and Key Markets

  • North America contributes 25% to the overall sales mix for Cipla presently
  • For Sun Pharma, the US remains its largest market, accounting for about 33% of revenues

Both companies are expanding their presence globally, especially in regulated markets.

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Future Growth Strategies

Cipla is boosting R&D investments into new therapy areas like mRNA platforms and respiratory diseases. It also aims to expand its biosimilar portfolio through partnerships to elevate speciality offerings.

Sun Pharma is focusing more on driving aggressive inorganic growth by seeking strategic acquisitions globally. It aims to acquire niche drug makers to boost its speciality medicine pipeline. Additionally, Sun Pharma looks to deepen its presence across high-potential emerging pharma markets to tap into massive demand. The key differential is – that Cipla is innovating through its R&D, and Sun is acquiring innovation and maximising reach.


Key Takeaways

Both companies have maintained steady momentum and profitability significantly higher than industry averages. While Sun Pharma retains leadership currently, Cipla also exhibits the potential to emerge as a pharma powerhouse in the future. With strong experience and innovation capabilities, the companies are poised for sustained long-term value creation.

  • Both companies have showcased steady top-line expansion and industry-leading profitability levels.
  • Sun Pharma is currently ahead in terms of size, margins and speciality product depth.
  • But Cipla is catching up across financial growth parameters.
  • Cipla has much higher exposure to fast-growing Indian pharma opportunities.
  • Sun Pharma dominates regulated markets, but Cipla is also expanding globally.
  • Cipla is strengthening the chronic drugs and biosimilars pipeline to elevate offerings.
  • Strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities to aid the growth journey ahead.
  • Cipla aligned to tap near-term India demand, Sun for long-term global gains.