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Advice for Buying Diamonds and Colored Gemstones

Advice for Buying Diamonds and Colored Gemstones

Jewelry is one of the best gifts you can purchase to surprise your special someone or even your beloved family. Jewelry pieces mark the momentous and glorious occasions in our lives. The ap test example here is the engagement ceremony before the marriage. For this occasion, you can purchase a ring with a real diamond. Moreover, diamond jewelry is bought to celebrate achievements, such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

But do all the diamond vendors sell real diamonds? Well, only some of them sell real diamonds. Therefore, you cannot rely upon anyone claiming to be a genuine seller of diamonds. Furthermore, only some people know how diamond jewelry must be analyzed before buying so that the vendors do not con you, and this is why we are here today.

On the other hand, a gemstone is rocks or minerals used to make beautiful jewelry. Gemstones have been used to produce lavish-looking jewelry since ancient times. Gemstones are available in a variety of colors, designs, and textures. But do you think buying gemstones is an easy task? Just not! It is recommended to get some knowledge before buying gemstones.

It is crucial to know some important parameters before buying diamond and gemstone jewelry. This guide will help you with those parameters so that you select the highest quality diamonds and gemstones, as the prices for diamond rings are pretty high. Also, search for the best place to buy an engagement ring from where you can purchase original quality.


The 4 C’s of Diamonds :-

You might or might not know that there are 4 C’s of the diamond which you need to consider before buying them. These are Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. We will introduce each one of them below:

1- Cut:

The word “cut” is used in this context and refers to how a diamond is formed into different shapes and sizes to improve its ability to reflect light. A poorly cut diamond may lose its liveliness and become dull and undurable over time. However, a diamond with many facets can interact with light effectively, producing brilliance.


2- Colour:

Even though they might be yellow or brown diamonds, however, some of them arrive colorless. When a diamond is mined, the procedure to ascertain its hue begins. It is then delivered to a gem lab, where gemologists assign a color rating on a scale. This scale has a D (colorless) at the bottom and a Z at the top (light yellow). It’s also very crucial to remember that colorless diamonds are the most valuable and pricey ones.


3- Clarity:

As you are all aware, diamonds are made naturally deep inside the ground, where they are further formed under extreme heat and pressure. This implies that each of them develops both internal and exterior flaws. However, a gemologist can see the clarity of diamonds because they are too small and can only be viewed with a skilled eye through magnification.


4- Carat:

Do you know that gemologists quantify a diamond’s weight in carats? Yes, this is accurate. Two hundred milligrams, or 0.2 grams, are equal to one carat. A further option is to divide each carat into 100 “points,” with each point representing one-hundredth of a carat. The majority of jewelry stores list the diamond jewelry’s weight in carats. However, the importance of small jewelry items is measured in points.

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Important Parameters to Check:-

There are other factors that must be considered before you think of buying it for your special occasion.

1- Always have a Check on its Certification –

Well, it’s true what they say:- “Not all that glitters is gold.” This adage is particularly applicable in the context of diamonds. To ensure that the diamonds you are purchasing are natural, it is crucial to seek the seller’s certificate while making a purchase. The certificate needs to be from a top-tier laboratory, like IGI or GIA, to guarantee the caliber of the diamonds you purchase.


2- Check for the Gemstone’s Durability –

When you are buying a colored gemstone, you should know whether it’s durable or not. Gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, and garnet are suitable for daily usage; hence, you can get bracelets, rings, and necklaces in these gemstones. However, pearls, opals, emeralds and diamond rings are suitable to be beautifully displayed. Still, if you look to wear them, you need to be very careful as these are not that durable but expensive.


3- Ask out for a Jewellery Report –

When buying gemstones, the main thing you must ask from the jeweler is for a jewelry report at the time of purchase. This report is handwritten or stamped on the invoice. It is essential to obtain this document before you leave the jewelry store. Why? Because this would affect your purchase price and be used at the time of jewelry replacement or repairment. The genuine diamond shop will never deny you this report.


4- Consider the Shape of the Diamond –

Although the usual shape of the diamond is round, if you are looking to buy a unique and beautiful engagement ring, you can get one from the jeweler. There are great diamond designs, such as princess cut, cushion cut, heart radiant, oval, pear, etc. You need to choose diamonds per your requirements, tastes, and preferences and keep in mind the size of your finger.


Conclusion :-

Carrying diamonds and gemstones is forever, so you must choose them wisely. Be wise and vigilant with your research before buying gemstones and diamonds, as this is an expensive purchase, and you wouldn’t want to take any risk with it, would you?

Moreover, ensure you take your time with the process, as it could ruin your purchase process. Instead, go out into the market and research before making the final purchase. Also, note that the jewellers would push you to buy a particular gemstone or diamond but avoid falling into their trap. Don’t fall for something not in your budget or the jeweller isn’t showing any IGI or GIA certificate. Get accompanied by an experienced diamond buyer for a wiser purchase.