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Best Things to do in Zadar Croatia

Zadar is a coast in Croatia which is known for its Roman and Venetian ruins and history. At the present times there are several venetian gates present at the walls of the Zadar City. It is one of the most vibrant and fascinating town in Adriatic which is a state in Croatia. Here are some of the best things to do in Zadar, Croatia.

1- Watching sunset from the Riva Waterfront

One of the best thing to do in Zadar, Croatia is seeing the Sunset from the waterfront at Riva. On the visit of the Alfred Hitchcok he stated – “ The Zadar sunset is the most beautiful sunset of the world” when he visited there in 1964. As the sun set down, people come at the waterfront and watch the sunset.


2- The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is situated in the heart of the town and person traveling at the Zadar can find it between the St. Donat Church and the St. Mary Church. It is an impressive archaeological site which has been made between 1st century BC & 3rd century AD. This place has also been used for worshipping the lords, markets and public meeting and gathering at that ancient times.


3- The St. Donat Church

St Donat church is a symbol of Zadar’s history and culture. It is also a must see place for any one who is visiting. This religious site is a Byzantine style church which has some matbe carvings and some intricate stone on it. It is attached to the Zadar Cathedral which is considered as the largest church in whole Dalmatia.


4- Sea Organ

Sea Organ

Sea Organ is one of the most unique attraction at the Zadar. It is a site in which amazing architectural sound has been made by the Sea Waves and tubes which are embedded underneath the large marble steps. As the air comes in that tube, a beautiful sound comes which one can hear across the harbor.


5- Greeting to Sun

The next to the Sea Organ, Greeting to Sun is situated where 300 solar panels and glass plates above them has been fitted. These then lights up at night which includes amazing colour shows and movements. It is the best blace to visit at night in Zadar, Croatia. It is also loved by so many family peoples, as childrens loves to run and dance on these gasses known as Greeting To The Sun.


6- Eating Local Seafood at Zadar

Eating Local Seafood at Zadar

The trip in incomplete without food and that too the seafood of Croatia. The Zadar city is known for it,s fresh sea food which includes, fish, crabs, prawns, octopus and much more. The classic Dalmation Dish such a the Brudet, Grilled Fish and Scampi Buzara is the most famous dish here.

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7- The City Walls & Gate

The Zadar has a unique system of Big Walls & Gate which are standing for centuries. They have also been added in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. These walls have been created in the 9th century with an aim to protect the city from invaders. The best of them is the Land Gate which has been created and crafted which includes the Lion of St Mark. It is also the symbol of Republic of Venice.


8- Lounges at Zadar Beaches

Lounges at Zadar Beaches

The best beach in the Zadar is the Borik Beach and Zaton Beach which offers mix of sands and pebbles to people. So, if you are looking for a place for pictures spot, then you should not mis the Queen’s Beach as it is the longest sandy beach in Croatia.


9- Zadar Archeological Museum

One should also must visit the Zadar Archeological Museum if they have an interest in knowing the History of Croatia. It has a collection of Ancient Articrafts, Roman Pottery, Glassware and tools from the Stone Age. This museum is well organised as well as informative too. It also has a detailed explanation in English.


10- National Museum

National Museum

The last on our list is the national museum. It depicts the history of Roman culutre. Etnology and artistic heritage. This museum was found in back 1960s. One who is fond of getting deep into the history can visit the museum.