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Can COQ10 Reduce Your Wrinkles?

Coenzyme Q10 , known as CoQ10 or ubiquinone, is a powerful antioxidant which occurs naturally in most living things, including us humans. It is gathering acclaim for the great results it has on reducing wrinkles. CoQ10 has a critical role in producing energy. Produced deep within the mitochondria in our cells, CoQ10 works hard to neutralise free radicals, the unstable atoms which can damage cells, causing illness and aging. It mops up the nasties and helps to slow down the aging both inside and out.

What Happens as we Age?

Kids have more energy than endurance athletes, but as we age, we inevitably slow down. In fact, it is believed that the body produces up to 10% less energy every decade. The mitochondria (the powerhouses of the cell) does not escape this fate, and so stops producing the CoQ10 and other enzymes at such a fast rate. External stresses then accelerate this aging further.

CoQ10 is at work throughout the body helping the enzymes carry out their normal bodily functions, and specifically on the skin it is busy reducing sun damage and increasing antioxidant protection.


What Causes our Skin to Age?

Human skin, like all our organs, ages over time (chronological aging). But our skin also comes into contact with environmental damage, and the most consequential of these for aging our skin is sun-induced skin aging (photoaging). Both are a cumulative process, but unlike chronological aging which relates only to the amount of time, photoaging varies between people dependant on the amount of sun exposure and skin pigment.

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Why CoQ10 Enzyme for Skincare?

Out of the 1300 different enzymes working hard to keep us working, the CoQ10 is the one on the lips of skincare aficionados.

The CoQ10 helps in two ways – by keeping the skin both firmer (chronological aging) and also nourished (photoageing). It does this by reducing sun damage and increasing antioxidant protection, thereby treating both inside and out.

It boosts hydration, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and reduces collagen breakdown. As collagen and elastin are responsible for strength and elasticity, CoQ10’s role is vital in reducing those pesky wrinkles.


How to use CoQ10 on your Skin

Leading Australian natural skincare provider Cannabella recommends using a CoQ10 enriched serum or lotion, such as the Cannabella Complex CoQ10 Serum, to soften those wrinkles, nourish the skin and improve skin’s elasticity and skin texture.

To achieve that youthful glow, they recommend just 3-5 drops twice a day.

Best of all, as it’s something we all have naturally within our bodies, there are no contra-indications for CoQ10. It just gives us an extra boost of this incredible antioxidant.