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Care Steps you Should Take After Botox

There is no doubt that cosmetic treatments have provided great relief to people from arising skin troubles, but getting these treatments is not everyone’s job. There are so many things to look into while getting such cosmetic treatments. You have to see whether the treatment will turn out to be safe and effective for you or not.

If cosmetic treatments have proved advantageous for people, then there are also aftercare tips for the same. No matter which skin issue you are facing, you should know all these essential things about the treatment from your esthetician. Otherwise, some people complain of some side effects later on.

One such popular treatment which is making people go crazy is none other than Botox injections. But before having this, book your consultation with the esthetician and ask him how to take care of yourself afterward. If you wish to have the best results, you should know some of the Botox aftercare tips. Here are some of the after Botox care steps for you.


About Botox Injections

It is a known fact that if you suffer from fine lines, wrinkles, and excessive sweating or migraine, then you can resort to botox injections without any hesitation. There cannot be any other safe and effective way for you. You’ll be amazed to know that many celebrities also have this treatment done to get rid of their skin issues.

When getting such treatment, you should not leave everything to the physician. Based on your skin goals, you should also look after and care to get the best results and full worth of your money. You must be clear about this thing in advance, only that no insurance will bear its costs as it is a beauty treatment and not some health necessity. It means all the treatment expenses will be borne by you only.

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Botox Aftercare Tips

Here are some Botox aftercare tips to improve your results over time and keep the results long-lasting.

1. Avoid rubbing your Face

You should strictly avoid rubbing your face for at least a day after you get the Botox done. There will be a temptation for you to touch the face if you get it done, but this should not be done. For roughly around 24 hours, you should strictly avoid touching your face as this can lead to bruising and redness. On the worst side, it can also lead to nerve damage. Consequently, avoid touching it.


2. Avoid Work Out

The next thing from which you should take a break is to work out. It doesn’t matter how much fitness lover you are or are habitual of it; if you got the Botox done, doing work out is a strict no. Many physicians strictly avoid it, leading to pain, discomfort, redness, bruising, swelling, and whatnot. Besides this, it will spread the Botox to other areas as well.


3. No Pain Killers

Some people experience some pain after undergoing Botox treatment. But after experiencing pain, it doesn’t mean that you start taking painkillers. The physicians performing the treatment on you do not consider it to be a viable option. It can cause an adverse reaction to your skin, like bruising and swelling. So always take time to talk to your physician first, and then if he recommends you, he has it, but only after he approves it.


4. Avoid Going out in the Sun

Unless the treatment gets completely absorbed into your skin and body, you should avoid getting out in the sun. Usually, you can continue with your routine tasks after getting the treatment but postpone it if it involves stepping out in the sun. If you go out in the sun, your skin is prone to redness, bruising, and swelling.


5. No Alcohol

Even if you are a drunkard, you can also not use it as an excuse to have liquor after having the Botox treatment done. It will lead to adverse reactions afterward like bruising, redness, swelling, and others. So it is best to let your body absorb the treatment and postpone your plans of having the liquor for some days.


6. No lying down on the Face 

Some people often commit the mistake of lying down on the side of the treated area and regret it later on. So it is better to ask your physician beforehand only. If he recommends you, then you can do it. Otherwise, wait for some days and let the treatment get to your body to give you the best results.


7. Go makeup-Free

Another thing you should look after is not to wear heavy makeup for some days after undergoing the Botox treatment. Many estheticians believe that wearing makeup will wipe away the effect of Botox and may not give you the desired results. Rest, you can seek the expert guidance of the physician over it and then avail it for yourself.


8. Avoid other Facials

Besides the steps mentioned above, you should also not think about getting other treatments like facials, hydra facials, microdermabrasion, PRP facial, and the like before you get entirely done by Botox. This is because it will take some time for the Botox injections to settle into your body, but in the meanwhile, if you get other treatments, then it will wipe away the results of Botox.



Doing after Botox care is not that difficult if you ask your physician about the same. Rest, ensure to follow all the guidelines mentioned above to get the best results for yourself and enhance your appearance.