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CCTV Security Cameras: Key Factors to Consider Before Installation

When it comes to enhancing our house’s security, installing a closed-circuit camera or CCTV security camera is a good choice. It has become very popular in recent times because of the excessive benefits it offers. The closed-circuit television cameras deter theft and vandalism, thus ensuring the complete safety of your premises. Moreover, these cameras keep a check on every activity in your premises, thus reducing unauthorized entry in your premises.

There are many companies that will provide you with the best CCTV security cameras, but when you have to choose one, you must assess your requirements. As you keep on adding the features of the camera, so will the cost of the camera increase? Hence, you must assess your requirement before making the final call. While there are many closed-circuit television cameras, there are some basic features common in almost all security cameras, and we will be highlighting these in this blog.

An Elemental Part of CCTV Security Cameras:

1. High Resolution – Whether it is the security cameras or the camera in the phone, picture clarity is the most important feature in it. You will find umpteen options in camera resolution. The more the resolution, the better is the picture quality and clarity. Hence, you must focus on this aspect when shortlisting the closed-circuit television camera. The resolution will vary based on the type of device, i.e., analogue or a digital one. The analogue camera sends the picture to the DVR, which converts this image into digital ones. The resolution of the digital camera ranges between 450TVL to 700TVL.

2. Day and Night Recording – When installing a closed-circuit television camera, your prime focus is to ensure that it runs without any fault. Hence, when you are installing a closed-circuit television camera, you must look for a 24-hour cycle. At the same time, the camera should be efficient enough to capture the images even in the dark. Most night cameras come with in-built night vision or infrared lights that make it easy for the camera to record the images even in low light.

There are Two Categories to opt From:

  • Standard daytime camera that comes with night setting option. This camera records the images in black and white, which makes it easy for the camera to record even in low light settings. There are more variants available that can capture perfectly focused black and white images during night.

  • Camera with infrared lights is suited for the areas where there is complete darkness. These cameras are designed to provide enough light for the camera to pick up the image. These cost a bit more and are definitely worth the investment.

3. Remote Access – The most important feature of a CCTV security camera is remote access. This will give you better control over the system, and you can closely monitor the activities taking place at your premises even when you are not present there. You can give permission for the access to only trusted people whenever needed. This gives you peace of mind when you are travelling or out for some work. Also, working parents find this feature very useful, as they can keep a check on their kids when they are not at vivint smart home.

The end objective of the closed-circuit television camera is to provide complete safety and security of the premises. You can find so many brands out there; make sure that you closely assess the features of the CCTV security camera and its reviews before making a final call. You must do a lot of research before you invest in one of such systems. Hire a certified professional to install the device at your place.