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Things You Need to Know about Hiring a Shipping Container for Storage

For businesses and individuals alike, hiring a shipping container for storage can be an economical and efficient way to store furniture, equipment, excess retail inventory, and more. According to a research in Australia conducted by Campus Living Villages in 2020, roughly 75% of people have had experience using shipping containers for either residential or commercial purposes, such as for storage, mobile offices retail pop-up shops, among others.

You can hire a container for onsite storage that offers convenience, security and flexibility. Shipping containers offer creative and practical options for different storage requirements with the added benefit of easily being moved if needed.


What is Onsite Storage?

Onsite storage involves a portable container delivered to your property, which can be used for storing personal items such as furniture, appliances, and more. This type of storage allows you to have easy and immediate access to your stored items when needed. It also often comes with additional features such as locks, security alarms, furniture tie downs and more.

What is onsite storage


There are Storage Container Options Available

Other storage options are available depending on the type of items needing to be stored, such as a storage options for furniture, inventories or other personal belongings. The following are the storage container options available.

  • Temporary storage involves renting containers for short periods of time. Examples are boxes and freight containers for storing construction tools during non-working times and smaller units (pods) that can be rented.
  • Self-storage facilities are a popular type of permanent storage solution as they provide customers with a secure location to store their items without incurring upkeep or maintenance costs.
  • Commercial storage units provide businesses with secure and customised storage solutions. These containers are outfitted with surveillance systems providing added security for stored items.


Many Benefits come along with using a Shipping Container for on-site Storage Solutions.

  • Convenience
    You will have immediate access to your stored items due to their proximity. There is also no need to make extra trips to retrieve items at off-site locations since the container will be located in your premises.
  • Cost-Effective
    You can also save money by hiring rate containers rather than investing in purchasing or leasing static storage space.
  • Highly Versatile
    On-site container rental units can be customised to include racks and shelves, which provide organised space for inventory control. This helps make it easier when locating any particular item from within the unit itself.
  • State-of-the-Art Security
    These containers are designed to stand up against harsh environmental conditions while offering superior protection against theft or vandalism, thereby providing peace of mind when storing valuable possessions away from your home or business premises.
  • Prevents Damage

Shipping containers are custom-built and heavy-duty mobile storage units, to protect the contents from environmental elements and harsh weather. Their size and design offer enhanced wind resistance for further damage prevention.


Shipping Containers Offer a Plethora of uses, From Storage and Cargo Transport to new and Innovative Applications.

  • Shipping containers can be used in various ways depending on one’s unique needs. These versatile pieces serve multiple purposes, including but not limited to the following… They provide viable solutions for additional space during seasonal growth spikes.
  • Businesses engaging in large projects often prefer them over traditional warehouse rentals due to the low cost of using these highly functional pieces.
  • Construction sites may find a use for them as temporary office spaces.
  • Logistics companies use mobile offices located at freeway pull-outs instead of long-haul drivers having lengthy stays over at truck stops.
  • Non-profit organisations may use them as mini kitchens when serving food during disaster response and special events such as festivals.
  • Residential customers looking for affordable storage spots near their homes often prefer hiring these mobile and flexible solutions versus constructing expensive backyard sheds.


Be aware of Possible Risks and Consider Potential Consequences.

✅ It is recommended to do due diligence and conduct research before choosing a company or service provider that fits your needs to avoid unnecessary expenses.

✅ It is important to inquire about the time required for service setup, insurance coverage against theft or loss, and liability for damages during transit before signing a contract.

✅ An item’s dimensions should be considered when selecting the best options available to stay within prescribed limits.

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In Conclusion

To quote Mrs. Leslie Grocer, President of the Midwest Kickin’ Catering Team

“We operate within tight budgets, so having smaller-sized mobile units was perfect for us! We had limited physical space, but our catering teams ran smoothly! Due to limited transport costs associated with our mobile offices, we could better utilise our existing resources.”

This quote summarises the importance of hiring a shipping container for storage. Mrs. Leslie Grocer’s catering teams managed to operate on limited budgets and limited physical space. This was possible due to cargo transport costs associated with their mobile offices, allowing them to utilise their existing resources. Thus, this quote serves as a reminder of the benefits of hiring a shipping container for storage. You are assured of making a smart decision when it comes to storing personal effects or commercial goods.