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Content Marketing: The Pillar for the Success of a Digital Event

The unexpected situation generated by the pandemic has brought many changes in marketing strategies; perhaps one of the most significant has been the shift of physical business events to the digital stage, generating a boom in the creation or participation in digital events, with which brands have managed to maintain connection and support to their customers.

One of the pillars for the success of these digital events is the marketing of content, in fact, a digital event itself, it must be a content creation machine, since these are necessary to extend the experience of the brand beyond the moment, lasting in cyberspace with the latent possibility of being found, increasing the ROI of the investment in the event.

And nothing better than a value content marketing strategy to generate visibility into an online event, because it provides the right content, to the right people, at the right times, in the right communication channels, for the right reasons.

However, it is not enough to create blog posts, infographics, images, videos, social media posts, or generate earned media. Each piece of content must be based on a content marketing strategy around the theme of the event, so we can know which content is best to give visibility at each stage of our event, on which channel to publish it and when. To give us an idea of the importance of a content marketing strategy to give visibility to an online event, here are some of its benefits:

It’s Designed for the Digital Age

In today’s digital world, where many consumers are informed and purchased on the web, publishing content online must be a primary goal. The web environment or own, livestock and paid media (blogs, social networks, traditional online media, ads, among others) allow us to publish and share many of the content formats, and also be easily found, helping to promote our event in an accelerated way, and if we do very well until it becomes a trend on social networks.


Improve the SEO

With the right keywords, content marketing makes our event “searchable” and shareable, but if we also optimize it with links, we can improve the position of our website of the event, so that we increase the chances of it appearing at the top of search results.


Helps Build Communities with Like-Minded Interests

events often seek to strengthen ties between those who attend, i.e. Build a community. One goal of content marketing is to work to build ties between people online during the 3 phases of the event, -pre- during, and post – because as they engage through the various online platforms, they have the opportunity to talk to people of common interests and share valuable information.


It Allows you to Give the Audience What They Need

according to meaningful brands, 84% of brands expect brands to provide them with quality content that entertains them, tells stories, provides solutions, and generates unforgettable experiences (such as solving their main post-pandemic concerns: own and family health, economic stability, spending savings, mental health, occupational safety). Our online event is the opportunity to go beyond ourselves and focus on the needs of our customers, providing, through a content strategy, what they need, in the place, time, and form they want.


Harness the Potential of Word of Mouth

one of the most interesting features of social media is that they allow users to easily and quickly share what they like and what they are doing. This is a great help in promoting our events, as attendees can share our content or generate their content and publish them, and they can recommend it directly to their friends or colleagues. Thus, we will benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations, which are much more effective than advertising.


Boosts Thought Leadership

Brands often build an event website, and the event, like other means of their own, can become a source of information where the audience will find answers to their main doubts, around the topic that will be covered at our event. Supported by a content marketing strategy, these resources give impetus to the thought leadership of the brand and thought leaders, humanizing the brand, giving them credibility and authority that will help us monetize avant-garde thinking.

Whatever your event strategy, face-to-face and/or virtual, the important thing is to keep in mind that a content marketing strategy is a fundamental piece to increase the visibility of the event, boost stakeholder engagement and drive the achievement of our business goals. This is well said by a famous phrase by Charles darwin: “it is not the strongest species that survive, not the smartest, but the one that responds best to change.” and in this age of digital transformation, it is only possible to survive by achieving a full and total adaptation.