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Cool Colour Combinations To Stylize Your Kitchen

A kitchen is the most important space in your home. You spend hours in that place putting a meal together for your family. Paying attention to the kitchen décor is as important as decorating your living room. A kitchen should brim with positivity and productivity, and the colour scheme in this space can have a major impact on this aspect. Don’t just settle for any colour paints for your kitchen, take a look at the below ideas that can help you uplift this space and make it look stylish.

1. Combination of Grey and Red: Grey is the colour that millennials love these days. It’s cool, sophisticated and futuristic. For a medium-sized kitchen, the metallic finish grey offers is a winner. Injecting a hint of red along with grey is a wonderful way to make the space look playful. Use bright red cabinetry and to tone this down colour your backsplash or the kitchen walls in icy grey. For a bolder look, you can even have one of the walls painted in emerald green to give the whole space a modern touch.


2. Blue and White: For the ones who love oceans, combining aqua blue with white can give you the beach vibes that you would instantly fall in love with. You can also explore the asian paints colour combination with code online to see the different shades of ocean blue for your kitchen. This colour combination is fresh, and tranquil and can easily make the kitchen the focal point of your house.


3. Brown and White: For a fuss-free look, the combination of brown and white works like magic. These neutral shades compliment the interiors that are contemporary and minimalist. If you think these two shades are making your space a tad bit boring, then consider adding a pop of colour in the form of mint green or Fuchsia backsplash tiles.


4. Yellow and Orange: These two colours are warm and vibrant. If you are wondering how this combination will turn out to look, trust us it’s perfect to compliment your flamboyant nature. The only thing to be mindful of while using these two colours is that if you have a small-size kitchen cabints then it may make it further look closed. These two colours work well for large open-floor kitchens. You can either incorporate these colours in the cabinetry and leave the kitchen walls in beige, or you can paint the walls in soft butter yellow, and the cabinetry in orange to give your space an interesting twist.


5. Olive Green and Gold: This colour combination is a sheer delight to look at when used in the kitchen. Colour your cabinetry with olive green colour which symbolizes harmony and sophistication, keep the backsplash and wall colours white, while using the gold finish accessories, fixtures, and faucets in this kitchen. This combination instantly adds a touch of sparkle to your kitchen the moment sunlight hits the space.


6. Red and Black: A lot of us don’t relate to the colour black in the kitchen, but you will be surprised to know that when black is combined with a bright colour like red, it gives your kitchen a very modish look. The choice of shade of red totally depends on the look and feel you want for your kitchen. For a home with contemporary décor, deep red and black looks stunning, while for home décor that’s more indo-western or traditional orange-red is the shade you should go with. Another combination that stands out is red cabinets balanced with black countertops and flooring.

The latest interior designing trend is more in favour of bold, vibrant colours for the kitchen and less of all-whites. So don’t hesitate to get adventurous with the colours next time when you decide to renovate your kitchen space.