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5 Top Safety Tips For Cleaning A House

A house clearance can be needed for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a property needs to be torn down because it is dilapidated, or there are issues relating to previous occupants who have left a lot of goods in the home that now need to be removed. However, whether you are a member of a company that has been hired to clear a house or you are doing it yourself, you need to know how you can stay safe during the process, especially if there is a lot of broken furniture. This article will provide some top tips, but if you have concerns, be sure to contact professionals to help you.

Hire A Skip

Yes, when it comes to clearing a house, you first need to hire a skip to help you. Many companies can help in this area, so make sure you have an idea of what kinds of skips you need before you hire them (e.g., rubble skips, green skips, etc.). Also, aim to ensure that any skip hire company you use is experienced with house clearance and can offer a wide range of skips, like 7 Skip Bins.


Pests Or Not?

As unsavory as it may sound, a lot of houses that have been abandoned or are falling down are home to pests, such as cockroaches, rats, or mice. When you are looking to clear a home, you need to ensure that there are safety measures in place to protect you and your team. You may need to call in an exterminator but always aim to do this before removing furniture to ensure minimal exposure to potential issues.


Structural Issues

It may seem far-fetched, but a lot of older homes or even ones that have been damaged by weather will have structural issues, which pose a very clear health hazard to those who are walking around on the property.

If you notice an issue with the flooring, the walls, or the floor, do not attempt to move anything, as this could cause the room to cave. So, always call professional help before attempting to clear a home with structural problems.


Turn Off the Electric!

Returning to the issue of rats and mice, they are called pests because they gnaw through wires. And, if you are working in a property that has wires that have been chewed through, this poses a health hazard relating to electric shock and fire. So, be sure to turn the electricity off and, if necessary, use torches. This will help to keep you and your team safe, even in the most broken-down properties.



Since 2020, most people have gotten used to wearing masks, but when you are cleaning out a home that has been vacant for some time, has mold, or is falling apart, you will need to keep yourself safe by wearing a mask at all times. This will prevent you from breathing in mold spores and potentially developing respiratory issues. It might also be a good idea to wear protective outer clothing, so you are not taking any of the derelict environment home with you.