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Customization of Hotel Software is Essential for any Modern Hospitality Business

Customization of Hotel Software is Essential for any Modern Hospitality Business

Success in the hotel industry depends on a wide range of factors. Hotels can keep improving their services but in the end if guests do not feel impressed by a hotel’s services, the hotel cannot make profits. Hotel management is a difficult task on most days.

With the rising competition and increasing customer demands, hotels need to move with the times and using hotel software is one such way to make a mark on the minds and hearts of their customers. There are many creative ways in which hotels can use a hotel management system and one way is to customize their services and their front-end for the customers.

Today’s customers demand a stellar stay experience where their every need is taken care of and they are offered a stay that is customized to their particular requirements. Even before a guest reaches the hotel, they begin forming an opinion about the property and they carry a strong impression of the property once they leave. The hotel staff’s responsibilities do not end simply because the guest has left the hotel. Getting feedback from the guests and acting on their post-stay suggestions can make a hotel a preferred choice for future visits of the guests.

Hotel managers need to understand the needs of their guests and customize their hotel management system in a way that establishes their brand in the minds of the guests. Here are some reasons why managers should consider customizing the hotel management software for their specific needs.

  • A custom software offers brand recall and recognition
  • Customized website builds trust in minds of users
  • Hotels managers can generate custom reports for their hotel’s performance
  • Custom schedules for housekeeping can be created through software
  • Custom booking engine can offer guests their choice of payment method
  • Personalized messages from the hotel can add to the guests’ experience

There are two broad categories in which hotels can customize the hotel software to suit their needs. Customization of the software not only helps in better interaction with the guest, but it also helps to improve the productivity of the staff by assigning relevant tasks to them.


Hotel Software Customization for the Staff

The productivity of the staff is the key to a hotel’s success in the long run. Staff needs to work like a cohesive unit that understands the needs of their guests and works hard to make the stay memorable for the guests. Here are some ways in which a hotel management system can be customized for the staff to offer best results.

  • Task Assignment – Managers need to assign a number of tasks to the staff throughout the day. By using a customized hotel software, managers can automate several of the repetitive tasks to save time and ensure they can give their attention to other important areas in the hotel. Whether it is housekeeping role assignment or managing inventory, the software can handle all these tasks with ease.
  • Report Generation – In order to learn about staff performance, reports are essential. The managers need to know the areas that need improvement and the areas that are performing well. With customized performance reports, managers can get a look at relevant data that can be delivered in weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly format.
  • Staff Management – There is ample data about the staff that needs to be categorized and reviewed regularly. Whether it is accounting for shifts, sick leaves, or salaries, having a customized dashboard for an overview of all these details can be a timesaver for managers and a source of ease for the staff.


Hotel Software Customization for the Guests

When it comes to guest facing services, there are different ways in which a hotel staff can make every interaction pleasant. Guests have come to expect the best services from the moment they reserve a room at a hotel. Here are some ways in which a hotel can customize hotel management software to give their guests the amazing experience they expect.

  • Use of AI – Artificial intelligence is a key factor in making a hotel property stand out from the rest. Customers often have queries and questions that can be answered by a pre-programmed AI bot. Hotels can use an AI bot that is a chatbot or an AI personality that understands common customer queries and has predefined answers for these questions. Using AI is an impressive way to make a memorable impression on the guests.
  • Contactless Check-in and Check-out – In the post-covid era, most guests are still not comfortable handling keys or interacting with the front desk staff. Providing guests with the option of a contactless check-in and check-out is a great way to create a positive impression of the property in their mind.
  • Personalized Stay Experience – Guests often have unique requirements from the hotel in terms of their dietary choices, room preference, or business visit requirements. Hotel management system can create guest profiles that save and share the preferences of guests through the hotel chain or for future visits.


In Conclusion

To sum up, hotel software makes hotel management profitable in the long run. Property managers that want to take their properties a step ahead of their competitors can look into hotel management software such as my cloud Hospitality. This software suite is designed with the end user in mind, it is not only easy to learn, but also offers a high degree of customization to suit the needs of every property. From large chain hotels to small B&Bs, the software is ideal for all types of businesses. You can use the features that are relevant to your business and create a workflow that is best suited for your team.

mycoud Hospitality also provides timely updates for the software so you can rest assured the software will get better with time and grow along with your business. The software is easy to install and once you are satisfied with the demo, you can be up and running with the software in a matter of hours. No complex installations or hardware upgrades are required.