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Enjoy A Unique and Premium Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert safari with the quad bike is one of the most adventurous ventures you can indulge in. A perfect blend of adrenaline riding, desert camping and a well-developed safari tour system makes this an ideal destination. It is considered to be one of the most preferred destinations of adventure tours in the World. Evening Desert safari with a quad bike will give you an unforgettable experience of the thrill and fun in the sand dunes. This adventure tour starts from the humblest of places, just outside Dubai.


Quad Bike Experience

Riding your motorbike over the vast sand dune at dusk gives you an exhilarating rush that is unparalleled. The drive takes you through a spectacular desert landscape, which is filled with a magnificent display of colours and textures. The experience is totally different from the traditional Bedouin camp, with its traditional Bedouin village decor and customary Bedouin way of life. Belly dance and buffet dinner in the desert, and bashing the rocks on the dune with a four-wheel-drive vehicle, are the highlight of the excursion. A traditional Bedouin desert safari with four-wheel drive is the best way to explore the Bedouin community.


List of Activities

Apart from the exciting desert dune bashing ride, there are many other exciting activities in the list that you must not miss when planning to spend an exotic trip to the city. There are several tours packages that are available, like Bedouin buggy tours, Bedouin snake tours, Bedouin birding tours and Desert safaris, four-wheel driving and more. Each tour package has several inclusions, like Bedouin camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, etc. In short, you can enjoy your time in Dubai by exploring different destinations, like these.


Camel Riding

If you want to spend an exciting day and get to see all the exciting things that Dubai has to offer, then you can join the camel riding tour, to witness the traditional Bedouin lifestyle of the people of the area. On your tour, you will enjoy the traditional Bedouin desert riding, which takes you on a journey through the oases. Along the way, you will also get to see different tribal tents, camels, and other equipment used for desert camping.

After taking a break for the afternoon, you can continue your Bedouin buggy tour by travelling on to the desert dunes. This journey allows you to see sand dunes carved by the Arabian Desert, which are now beautifully sculpted into scenic backdrops. One of the most popular inclusions is the Al Hajar Mountains. On your tour in Dubai, you will get to see several sites, like the Al Hajar Mountains, the Safa Dhar Waterfall, Al Hajar Mountain, the Al Tairah Waterfall, the Ghazi Desert, the Zaer Forest, etc.

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The Bedouin tribe of the area has built their settlements along the dune banks to protect themselves from attack by marauding camel thieves. When you take part in the Bedouin camel riding or Bedouin sandboarding excursions, you will be able to learn more about their culture. In addition, you will get to witness the daily life of the Bedouins, as they hunt, gather, trade, and build their communities along the sand dunes. During your Dubai city tour, you can take a break to stay at one of the many Bedouin camps.

Other interesting activities that you can do while taking part in the Bedouin camel riding excursion include a visit to the four-wheeled Qalaba Safari. This is a non-stop, thrilling ride around the desert. At every campsite, you will find great food, fun games, and a chance to interact with local people. Once you reach the fourth site, the excitement picks up dramatically as you are forced to manhandle a very friendly camel named Al Hajar. As the excursion winds down, you will be rewarded with the chance to taste some of the desserts that the four-legged creature will eat during its travels through the desert.

Another tour that you must try during your Dubai city tour is the Jeep safari; it starts with a visit to the Wadi Dhar Nature Reserve, where you will be greeted by an experienced and friendly guide. He will then lead you to the Wadi Dhar Waterfall, where you can view the rushing waters of the Al Hajar Mountains. You also get the chance to drive a four-wheeler vehicle through the Wadi Desert, and you can choose to sit inside the vehicle or to stand on the platform as the four-wheeler rolls slowly forward. After experiencing this tour, you will return to the start of your Jeep safari, which includes pickup at the Wadi Dhar Waterfall. After this tour, you drive to a town known as Al-Gabel, where you will have a chance to visit several tourist attractions, including a camel breeding farm and the world’s only underground lake.

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