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Event Management after 10+2 at IIFA- India

Event management can be defined as the process of planning an event whether hosted in-person, virtually or hybrid. The personnel or team that is involved in the above-mentioned process are known as event planners. Event planners are known by many names – administrative assistants, event coordinators, and sometimes even as event technologists. Event management is all about planning an event and its successful implementation, be it internal or external, large or small, in-person or virtual.

In this blog, we help aspirants get to know the nuances of what goes into planning an event, what can they learn in Event Management Courses after 12th, which institute offers the best Event Management Courses and so on.

With an excellent pedagogy, industry-oriented curriculum, practical sessions and placement assistance, IIFA is the top institute in India event management courses. They even have placement assistance programs that help students get hired at many reputed companies and corporates. If you’ve been wondering what to do after 12th, IIFA is the place to be!

The present turbulent scenario caused by the global Corona pandemic has redefined the way events are held.  Today’s environment teaches us not just about managing in-person events but our virtual programs as well. Though virtual event management is not much different from in-person events, it has an added challenge of ensuring that the content is twice as captivating, interesting and succinct than usual. In-person events mainly involve travel, networking, and free food. On the other hand, a virtual event largely relies on its content to keep attendees engaged.

IIFA – India is the No.1 Institute for Event Management if you have been thinking about what to do after 10 +2. It is a reputed academy where you can join the best event management courses which teach you how to plan a budget for event planning, how to ace online promotional activities for your event success, how to lure audiences towards your virtual event and so much more. Students can also learn to take advantage of online data gathered during the event to improvise on areas requiring attention and along with measurable performance analytics.

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Event Planning mainly should have a goal, a theme and most importantly a strategy. The content, presenters, performers, venue – everything should be weaved in perfectly while not deviating from the said theme. The main purpose is to entice visitors to attend your event and stay until the end. In virtual events, it is all about creating websites with stunning visuals and powerful UX features which audience finds easy to navigate. One shall also need secure payment gateway processing so that people can easily pay for the event.

Communication is key for Event Planning and Management. It is the first and foremost thing taught in any of the Event Management courses. In addition to choosing linens for the foyers, the right kind of virtual technology provider, it is equally important to know how to manage your contacts well.  Lead generation results in sales and therefore improves your business prospects and thereby the scope of coming up with more such events.