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Expert’s Guide to Trimming and Shaping Eyebrows with an Eyebrow Trimmer

Understanding how to appropriately use an eyebrow trimmer is just as important as owning a premium trimmer. Cutting and forming eyebrows is quite a fragile job. One small mistake and all your efforts will decrease the drain. Not to mention that you might end up looking like a berserk baboon with funny eyebrows.

So be wise about it and inform yourself on how to correctly utilize an eyebrow trimmer prior to the real-life application. While eyebrows are created to be highly user-friendly and time-saving, a little assistance won’t injure, right? To assist you to cut and style your eyebrows with least effort and optimal precision, I have actually taken down a detailed guide below.


Step 1: Prep It Well

Take a good and warm shower or just clean you’re confronted with lukewarm water. The steam from the water will open your skin pores and soften your hair roots. This will make it much easier for you to get rid of roaming hair.

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Step 2: Lubricate

It is essential to oil the target location with moisturizer, shaving cream, or coconut oil before trimming. While it’s optional for routine touch-ups, do not skip this action if you are going to shape thick eyebrows.

Apply the lubricating solution all over the eyebrows, particularly the underside. That part is the trickiest to handle. Keep a cotton swab convenient to constantly eliminate the excess shaving foam throughout the trimming procedure.


Step 3: Drawing the Line

To produce ideal arches, you require to be extremely mindful of the instructions of trimming. Mark your desired arch point with an eyebrow pencil or easy white pencil. This will assist you to get the specific shape you’re going for. It will likewise minimize the possibilities of novice mistakes.

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Step 4: Prepare Your Trimmer for the Action

If your eyebrow trimmer features a different eyebrow trimming accessory, slide it onto the trimmer head. Make sure it’s safely locked into location. Next, you need to choose the best comb guide to get the wanted length. If you have multiple comb attachments at hand, start with the greatest length. That way, even if you make any errors or do not get preferred outcomes, you can easily improvise in the future. Now comb your hair gently in upward instructions.


Step 5: Cut It Off

Hold your skin around the eyebrows tight with your non-functioning hand and start cutting with the other hand. Run the trimmer from the inner side of the brows, carefully making your way to the edges.

Make light and airy strokes in the direction of your hair development. Shaving against the grain will increase the possibilities of cuts and skin inflammation. When you are pleased with the result, thoroughly check for the roaming hair that you may have missed out on. This will give your arches a terrific compliment.


Action 6: Ending up

Wash you’ve confronted with normal water thoroughly afterward. Do not put moisturizer on the cut location right away as it may clog the pores.