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Eye Opening Information About YouTube With Phone Monitoring App

A while ago my son was asking for ideas about his YouTube channel from all of us. Even my neighbor asked me which one has been finalized as he was confused among the top three. For the record, I didn’t give any suggestions nor have an idea about the top three. Just because it is one of the trendy ways to get famous and become rich he might have thought of it as something easy and simple. As far as I know my son among many other flaws one of the major ones is he is not consistent. Well, you can say that it is just like the typical behavior of every random teenager. They get excited about something and then forget about it the next day. But contrary to my expectations after some days random activities started happening at our house. Major ones were the start of his part-time job, the arrival of new gadgets like cameras, etc. The next thing was I witnessed a mob dance on my way back to the office. Turned out he arranged that all. It was meant for his YouTube channel.

The Hype is Real as

  • Roughly 2 billion people log in to YouTube every month.
  • It is the most popular app among American citizens according to the pew research report.
  • YouTube is very famous among the teenager group (13-17 years old) as 85% use the video streaming app.

I wasn’t interested in all that but since my son has started this thing I am a bit worried so I did thorough research. Since the mob dance activity, Mrs. Khanna has warned me that my son can cause real trouble and I should keep an eye on him so that he does not try to do any other performance to get more subscribers or likes. To know about his whereabouts and other activities I got the phone monitoring app and the app has helped me in controlling my son’s obsession.


Get Reports of All The Streamed Videos:

The main purpose of getting a phone app was to know about the content of his channel by using the Youtube screen recording feature. But you can even know about the video content streamed on the target youtube as well. Monitor their interest and assure that they did not get dragged into adult content or porn videos. As YouTube is a wide platform that contains all sorts of raw data. In case they are suffering from any disease or have any traumatic experience then this feature can help you to make them stop watching triggering or traumatic stuff on the YouTube channel.


He Has a Secret Android Device:

There was no chance that I could find out about it on my own without using the screen recorder for snapchat feature. I found out that he has a secret android device as well. The thing is your tube screen recorder feature of the phone monitoring app lets the user know about all the android devices activated with the social media account. Later on, my wife confirmed that she gave her old cellphone to the son on demand when he lost his phone. Even he got the new one a few days later but he never returned the spare one.


The Channels Have Some Great Stuff As Well:

With the YouTube screen recording feature, one can know everything about the channel of the target. I don’t have to make an account or follow him to check for the update or any new video. As reports me about every video upload and kind of content. You can even check out the teen subscribers and comment section as well with the help of a phone monitoring app.

It is not just a phone app. It can be your helping hand as parental control and an employee monitoring app for other gadgets as well. You can keep an eagle eye on your teen or employees through cellphone, tablets, desktops, or laptops. Along with the android version, Mac and Windows spying apps version is also available for parents and employers. Don’t let a mob dance in front of your house get you to the party.