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Finding Out the Importance of Digital Health ID in a Common Man’s Life

Finding Out the Importance of Digital Health ID in a Common Man's Life

The government is making all the efforts to ensure that the infrastructure for the medical field is built upon strong bases and the best facilities. It was necessary to make some changes in the traditional working functions of the health sector to ensure that the country doesn’t have to face any issues in any kind of health emergency. Making sure that the new changes will help the citizens of the country to avail the benefits of the government schemes and also provide ease in the treatment the digital health ID was launched.  


(AB PM-JAY) – What is it? 

National Health Authority (NHA) is the main body under which the Aayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana (AB PM-JAY) scheme for public health insurance is implemented. The scheme is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and then Family Welfare. The scheme has a central sector component under the Aayushman Bharath Digital Health Mission (ABDM). 

The digital mission was initiated to build a better digital infrastructure for the betterment of the treatment process in the country. To make sure each part of the country has access to this mission, it works in coordination with the different central ministries and departments of the central and state governments. Some private and civil sector societies are also working to implement the scheme.  

Digital health will help ensure that the person taking the treatment won’t have to face any issues and gets the treatment easily.  

But how does it help to make the treatment-taking process better?

The answer to the above question lies in the points listed below –


1- Creates different 14-digit unique id for health account 

When you register for the digital id through the ABDM, you will be allotted the 14-digit unique id, which will work as your identification number for the health account. This health account will work the same as the other account. In a bank account, you save all your money; in a social media account, you have access to all of your friends; in a health account, you will have access to all the previous medical records. 

The 14-digital unique id will work as the health account number. All the details regarding the previous illness, treatments, the doctors you visited for the treatment, and the medicines you took will be stored in this health account.

No one can access these records without your consent, and you will be free to secure this data from anyone.

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2- No need to carry the Files of the Previous Records 

When you have all the data stored in one place and can access it easily, you won’t have to worry about carrying the files of the previous records of the treatments and the illness. We can often see that in an emergency, because of not having the necessary information regarding the diseases you previously had, taking the treatment in the current situation becomes difficult.  

Proceeding with further medications isn’t easy if the doctor has no idea about the previous conditions. But by having a digital health account, the doctor can access the test reports you did in the past and all the details of the illness.  

Even people from rural areas will get the benefit of this health ID. Having a digital account where all the data is stored, they don’t have to worry about not knowing the exact medical condition they had in the past and continuing their treatment in the new place. Sometimes it might become difficult for them to explain certain medical terms of their previous illness because of the lack of knowledge.  

Digital health account has the potential to become the most revolutionary step ever taken by the government to increase the capability of the health sector. It will make the treatment-taking process easy for people with the help of a 14-digit unique id account. 

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