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Follow these Simple Ways On How to Wow Your Clients!

Why Wow Your Clients?

Without your clients, you have no business. Aiming to wow your clients is actually common sense, as it is the sole purpose of what you do. A client wow is always equal to client satisfaction, and client satisfaction is the ultimate goal when doing business. Learning how to wow your clients is extremely vital for a business owner. For today’s clients and customers,  the option of doing business is getting easier and more convenient with the help of the internet and other technological advancements. 

Lots of similar businesses are vying for the client’s attention through different strategies and efforts. Entrepreneurs are making a lot of promises in exchange for client patronage of their products and/or services. Because of this, different brands need to work harder in order to stand out from the stiff competition. They need to stay on the ‘top of mind’ of their clients.

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What Does It Take to Wow Your Clients?

Learning how to wow clients involves going the extra mile to create a delightful, memorable, and valuable experience that will convert them into loyal and lifetime buyers. This is not an easy task to do though. The extra mile is a long and tiring series of efforts you need to execute excellently, and sometimes it takes a lot of errors to perfect the formula for your clients. It takes consistent hard work, perseverance, appropriate skills and lots of determination in order to achieve the ultimate goal of wowing clients. It may be tough but at the end of the day, it will still be worth it.

You also need lots of resources, so make sure that the ones you need are always available. From skills to tools, and even time and energy, make room for it. The business world, in the first place, was never a bed of roses. You always have to keep going and going in order to survive. The overwhelming competition, unending need for newer and better strategies and the tough battle you need to win in order to satisfy your clients is a journey you must be ready to take. 


Top 10 Ways to Wow Your Clients

    1. Thank your clients. Replying to negative comments is always a top priority when engaging with your clients, but also remember to appreciate the loyal ones. Reach out and say thank you to those clients who took the time to say on the fabulous job you’re doing.
    2. Exceed their expectations. Surprise your clients. Yes, you heard me right. You need to learn to give them something unexpected from time to time. Who doesn’t love surprises? I’m sure most of us do. Give your clients more than what they are expecting. 
  • Keep your promises. If you dont think your clients are taking note of what you’re doing and saying, you’re wrong. They are! Even if there are tons of available advertisements and sales pitches out there that they browse on a daily basis, they do remember. So make sure you do what you say, you deliver what you promise. Always remember that they’re always watching, and waiting.  
  • Lower expectations and then raise the bar. Do not over promise if you can’t overdeliver. Simple, but sometimes we forget to follow. Lowering client expectations does not mean you decrease the quality of your services. It means you set your clients’ mind on one thing and then raise the bar when delivering the outputs. This will result in surprise and gladness, as exceeding their expectations is  a sure wow to your business. 
  1. Like, share, comment, connect! Make sure you do this regularly. This one practice could be time-consuming and exhausting to do, but you’ll surely reap the benefits once done properly. Connecting with your clients creates huge impacts in their brand awareness, loyalty, decision making and overall net promoter score of your brand. 
  2. Read your client’s mind. I am not saying you should become a psychic and predict what your clients are thinking. What I’m saying is that you should be able to know their preference, even before they act on it. There are plenty of tools available in order to gain more understanding on how your clients behave. Once you know how your clients think, you have the advantage of acting on it accordingly.
  3. Transparency. Build trust with your clients using transparency. Your clients, even if they do not openly say it, want more information about you so they can know you more. It will be a lot easier for them to connect to you and it will not discomfort them when they need to ask tough questions. Also, being an open book to your clients adds points for them to prefer you. Make known to them your policies, plans, events, and every vital information about your business.
  4. Get personal. Personalization is always a win, always remember that. When was the last time you took effort in sending personal gifts, writing notes, delivering it door to door to your clients? If you’ve never done this, then it might be the perfect opportunity to try it! Every client likes to be treated as if he’s the only client you’re catering to. They want everything personal. Purchasing is always an emotional decision, so take advantage of personalization all the time. 
  5. Be the help that they need. When serving your clients, you should be the “always available” resource that can help them. I am not saying that you should be an expert in everything, but you should at least master your field and hand them over each and every little help that they need, as fast as you can if possible. Take shunning your clients away from your vocabulary. 
  6. Empathy, empathy. There are times that you need to take yourself out of the business owner’s shoes and think as if you’re your own client. Always try to be the bigger person, especially if you have irate clients. Everyone experiences bad days, so try to consider that maybe you need to be a little extra empathic and understanding when dealing with them.