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Top 10 Trending Healthcare Ideas for App Development in 2022

Top 10 Trending Healthcare Ideas for App Development in 2022

The healthcare industry is witnessing a major digital transformation. While the pandemic highlighted the inadequacies and pitfalls in our healthcare system, technology is enabling us to leapfrog the gaps in our existing medical care and infrastructure. The 2021 Future of Healthcare Report predicts that 80% of healthcare systems are aiming to increase their investment in digital technologies in the next 5 years.

If you’re looking to start a healthcare business, now is the best time. The growing need for personalized medicine, access to affordable healthcare services and enhanced virtual patient care efficiency contribute to the increased adoption of digital healthcare.

In this article, We’ll discuss the Top 10 Healthcare Ideas to Consider Implementing in 2022.

top 10 healthcare ideas to consider implementing in 2022

1. Health Reminder Apps

How often have you forgotten to take your medicine, because of work stress and a fast lifestyle? In such instances, healthcare reminder apps come to your rescue. This healthcare IT solution has many uses for patients suffering from chronic ailments and people recovering from illness. These apps simplify the user’s life as they do not forget doses of essential medicines. Patients can add data about their medicine in the healthcare app and set reminders and alerts when the medicine needs to be taken.


2. Telemedicine Doctor Consultation Apps

With Covid patients across the glove could not visit the doctors, even when they needed medical assistance. In such situations, telemedicine apps provide the feature of on-demand virtual consultation.

The benefits of telemedicine app development includes ease of use, 24/7 assistance from physicians and access to healthcare services right from the comfort of home. Patients can schedule audio and video consultation for a better prognosis. This eliminates the need to wait at the doctor’s clinic.

As per McKinsey, 40% of surveyed consumers said they would continue to use telehealth going forward. In other words, consumers will use virtual healthcare even as the pandemic wanes.


3. Medical Record Apps

Developed by healthcare IT companies, these apps for doctors and patients store critical medical records in a centralized place. By eliminating paperwork, they help in providing seamless and quick medical care.

Both physicians and patients can access the EHR data for future references and these records prevent miscommunication and misdiagnosis. Medical record apps make it easier to share data and medical history with a new doctor.


4. Wellness Apps for Women

  • Healthcare app ideas for women’s health include telehealth apps for monitoring statistics for menstrual cycles, pregnancy and so on.
  • One such example is Glow, made specifically for women’s health.
  • Going a step ahead, you can add dietitians, gynaecologists and build communities within the app for advice and diagnosis.


5. AR-Based Medical Training Apps

Such training apps can be used by aspiring nurses and doctors to enhance their skills. Equipped with emerging medical technologies such as virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence, these healthcare IT solutions create a responsive educational application. Let’s take the example of SentiAR which uses augmented reality for creating holograms on the patient’s anatomy before operating.


6. Healthcare eCommerce Apps

The benefits of developing eCommerce apps for healthcare include:

  • An expanded service area
  • Direct to consumer sales channel
  • Increased privacy protection

If you are planning to take your healthcare business online, the next step is looking out for a team of developers. Knovator Technologies, USA’s leading healthcare IT company will help you develop healthcare apps and software, converting your idea into a viable business.


7. Remote Patient Monitoring Apps

Remote patient monitoring software can be tailored for chronic disease management. The healthcare IT solutions can monitor blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, medication adherence and other vital information on a daily basis.

Further, you can integrate IoT to enable these apps to store valuable patient data. Remote patient monitoring apps are used to track real-time data and monitor the patient’s vital statistics.

One such example of a remote patient monitoring app is Medisafe which provides assistance with regular check-ups. It removes the unpredictability and creates a routine for disease management.


8. Weight Management Apps

One of the challenges people face while following a fitness regime is sticking to a proper diet and regular workouts. You can hire a healthcare IT company to develop a weight loss, diet or fitness app that can be used by people to monitor physical activity, calorie intake and nutrition requirements.

These apps are integral for fitness enthusiasts and people who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your app can include features such as database records, recommendations and tips personalized as per diet plans and so on. Weight loss apps can track heart rate, blood oxygen levels and even sleep cycle for improved overall health.

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9. Online Pharmacy Delivery Apps

An in-demand healthcare app idea, accelerated by the pandemic is online pharmacy delivery of medicines. The pharmacy delivery app developed by healthcare IT companies eliminates the need to go to a pharmacy. You can place an order for your medicines right on the app, make the payment and the medicines will be delivered to your doorstep.

Medical store owners can get onboard the app, ask their patients to order via the app and collect payments online. The best part is that medical store owners do not need to be tech-savvy to use online delivery apps for healthcare.


10. Mental Health Apps

Mental health apps are of immense value for people fighting against chronic mental conditions. You can develop a healthcare IT solution to monitor moods, track activities, anxiety buster and include mood-boosting chatbots. These apps can provide access to therapists and psychologists.

Healthcare IT companies can develop meditation and calming apps with music, videos and activities. Healthcare apps can also be used by people to track sleep schedules, monitor time spent working out and establish a routine.


Summing up the 10 Best Healthcare Ideas to Pursue in 2022

Each of these ideas covers specific aspects of healthcare, ranging from diagnosis to drug delivery. If you are ready to change the world for the better, this list of healthcare app ideas should inspire you in 2022. The key is to analyse the market, build an app your target audience requires and hustle to make your healthcare app the next unicorn.