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How RPO is Different from Traditional Recruiting?

The RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) industry emerged from traditional recruiting and shares its goal of helping companies hire quality candidates for particular roles. However, traditional recruiting agencies are often used to fill short-term positions or hire people for specific projects, which tends to be a quicker process. On the other hand, RPOs tend to focus more on permanent and hard-to-fill roles, which may require more time and strategy to find qualified candidates.

RPO companies are able to take ownership of the management of their clients’ recruitment processes, and due to a variety and breadth of experience, can be better equipped to filling a high volume of roles across all job types and levels. Their goal is not only to fill positions in the short-term, but to improve the employers’ overall recruiting processes and provide value to their long-term business strategies. They also free organizations to apply more resources towards other necessities for meeting their strategic goals and delivering value to their customers. Traditional staffing and recruiting agencies themselves are often able to find value in RPO providers for these reasons.

Staffing firms and other employers engage RPO services when they lack the resources and/or infrastructure to keep up with their demands for talent. The best RPO companies can become a major source of value for these organizations when they need to increase the quality of their hires or increase the volume or speed of their recruitment initiatives. Compared to traditional recruiting, RPOs deal more with ‘passive’ candidates who are not actively seeking jobs. Passive recruitment involves continuous research to find the best talent and recruit individuals who would consider switching jobs if the right opportunities are presented to them. RPOs recruit on a regular basis, marketing positions directly to these individuals. They help build awareness of their clients’ brands among qualified professionals and persuade candidates that the roles presented are proper fits for their goals and skill set.

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RPO providers represent their clients’ brands and perform as extensions of in-house recruiting functions. With their recruitment specialists and tested technologies and strategies, they are well-equipped to place top talent into employers’ organizations. Their services can be used by companies of all sizes and with all types of recruitment needs, including hiring for short-term projects or requiring strong candidate pipelines for ongoing staffing requirements.

IT and Non-IT offshore recruiters are a valuable source of support who can work to fill a variety of needs. They can:

  • Help more easily identify specialized talent for hard-to-fill positions
  • Provide additional support to managers if there isn’t a developed internal recruiting team
  • Find job candidates from networks that the company might not otherwise have access to
  • Provide temporary support for short-term increases in hiring needs
  • Become a permanent source of cost-efficient support for long-term hiring needs or even replace in-house recruiting functions altogether

This model is also popular because it allows employers to manage their talent acquisition costs and scale up and down as needed depending on their hiring requirements. Vanator is one of the fastest growing and leading RPO companies, featuring the best offshore recruiters. Our RPO services feature industry experts whose capabilities are enhanced by modern recruitment technologies, including AI-based recruiting tools. We efficiently deliver qualified and interested candidates to our clientele in the US, Canada, UK and India. Are you looking to increase your hiring quality, volume or speed? Or reduce your turnover and save recruitment costs? Schedule a consultation to learn how we can support your recruitment objectives!