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How To Complete The CAPF Syllabus In 3 Months?

Do you dream of serving the nation? Are you passionate about defending India and its citizens? Yes? Then, focus on clearing the CAPF exam. Unfortunately, the exam is challenging, and there are more aspirants and limited seats. But don’t let that worry you. With the right study plan and preparation tips, you can ace the exam.

Here is a comprehensive study plan and some essential tips that will help you prepare for the CAPF. By following these tips, you can complete the CAPF syllabus in 3 Months.


Preparation Tips For Paper 1:

  • The best way to prepare for paper 1 is to solve previous years’ papers and figure out the critical areas. For instance, quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning carry more marks. So, go through the previous years’ papers and identify repeated topics.
  • Increase your knowledge about the Constitution of India, as you are most likely to get three direct questions from this segment.
  • Improve your scientific knowledge and day-to-day observations about the environment and biotechnology.
  • Start your preparation by studying NCERT books. Remember, reading from the relevant books is of utmost importance. So, make sure to follow the right books. For instance, ‘ A Brief History of Modern India (Spectrum)’ and ‘Magbook Indian History’ are the best to prepare for modern history topics.

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Preparation Tips For Paper 2:

On paper 2, you will get 4 essays that carry a total of 80 marks. So, essays can be the significant area where you can score well. The best part about essays is that you can attempt them in any of the two languages: Hindi or English. The essays are related to the following topics:

  • Modern Indian History
  • Human Rights
  • Geography
  • Freedom Struggle
  • Polity
  • Security
  • Economy

So, the best preparation tip for paper 2 is to develop a deeper insight on the above topics and get a practice of writing on them. You must have good knowledge of the CAPF Syllabus.

Another essential tip for the remaining 120 marks is to improve your English skill. For this, you should focus on improving your grammar and vocabulary by reading journals, articles, newspapers, etc.


Preparation Tips For Medical/Physical Test:

After the written exam, students need to clear the medical/physical test. So, the aspirants should get a practice of running from day one of filling the application form. Running will improve stamina and make you fit, thus, improving your chances of clearing the medical test.


Preparation Tips For Interview:

The interview is the final stage of the CAPF exam. Since there is no predefined syllabus for the interview, the best tip for students is to stay calm during the session and respect the panel.


Toppers’ Strategy To Prepare For CAPF 2022 Exam:

In the final phase of preparation, students should focus on the revision to fetch maximum marks and crack the CAPF Exam.

  • Go through the entire CAPF syllabus
  • Make notes of important topics
  • Allocate proper time to each topic.
  • Figure out the best preparation sources like coaching, books, etc.
  • Give the Mock test.
  • Work on your time management skills.
  • Revise every topic from time to time.

Since the UPSC CAPF exam is considered one of the most challenging defense exams, self-study may not be sufficient to help you complete the syllabus in 3 months. So, the best tip to prepare for this exam is to join reputed online website like BYJU’S Exam Prep. This way, you can make a fool proof study plan and prepare for the exam under the guidance of the best faculty professionals. Also, you can get access to detailed study materials, best books, mock tests, GK updates, live and recorded lectures, weekly/monthly current affairs, etc.