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How to Develop a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Develop a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

Everyone loves a good social media post, right? All you must do is take a quick peek at your WhatsApp chats or your Twitter or Instagram timelines to see proof. Virality is the keyword of our times for many reasons! If you’ve found yourself less than happy with the returns you’re getting out of your social media presence, it might be worth the time and effort it takes to create a truly effective social media strategy – maybe even in partnership with a social media agency!

If you find yourself posting just for the sake of posting on Facebook and Instagram for a handful of likes and lacklustre comments, it’s time to make some big changes so you can make hay in the eternal sunshine of the world of social media!

How? Keep reading to learn more!

It’s interesting to note that a social media marketing strategy and a social media marketing plan have a lot of crossovers.


It’s All In The Goals

Before you start dreaming of going viral on the internet with your perfectly poised campaigns, take a minute, consider what you really want the internet to give you. As before you can set off on any exciting journey, you must figure out where you’re headed, right?

A few questions you can start with:

  • Who are you talking to? Who is your target audience? Teenagers, working mothers, or gym bros?
  • What do you want to share for them? Information about your products, productivity tips, or funny jokes?
  • Why are you on social media? Do you want greater brand awareness, to sell more of your products, or to grow your reach?

Once you have some answers to at least one or two of these questions, the path ahead will automatically become a little clearer.


Talk To Your Customers

As with all kinds of marketing strategies, your goal should be to talk to the customer. Before you can walk up to them and strike up a conversation, you must figure out who they are and what they’re looking for.

Take a moment, imagine your perfect customer.

  • What are they like? Where are they based, how old are they, are they men or women?
  • What do they want that you have? Is it expertise, jokes, the perfect product to solve their problem?
  • Where do all these cool kids hang out? TikTok or Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or somewhere else entirely? (Do people still use BlogSpot?)
  • Why are they here? Are they looking to become more productive or to hack their hobby or simply to relax?
  • How do they like their content? Short and snappy TikToks or lengthy Facebook explainers? Videos or slick images?

The best thing about these questions is that they’re likely not asking you anything you don’t already know about your customers! But once you have all this information in front of you, you’ll be able to figure out exactly which direction you need to take your social media strategy into- as directed by a professional social media agency.


Time Is Money

Once you know who your audience is and what kind of content they like, make the time to outline the language you want to speak, the brand image you want to create, and the kind of aesthetic you want to capitalize on in your social media presence. Create a schedule you intend to follow for your social media posts and carve out some time to thoughtfully engage with your customer base as they come to you.


The Upshot

As with any attempt at marketing, there is no magic formula you can plug your business into to get all the answers. While a social media strategy may be time-consuming and even difficult to create, it’s worth all the time and resources it demands. Besides, with an agency like Ad Lift by your side, the process can be easier than eating pie.