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How To Embed YouTube Video on WordPress

How To Embed YouTube Video on WordPress

Videos have revolutionized the way of delivering information and content. Videos are hands down, the best form of content. Imagine having your brand’s videos on your website and boosting your website’s engagement three times. YouTube has more profitability in video marketing than that of Facebook and Instagram.

  • According to, Social media posts with videos have 48% more views.
  • Videos attach 300% more traffic and help nurture leads, says Marketing Sherpa.
  • Video marketing makes your offer more compelling. Embedding the best YouTube videos on your website will boom your engagement on the website and your YouTube channel.
  • Therefore in this blog, we will explore the easiest ways to embed YouTube videos on WordPress Website.


Methods 1: YouTube Video Embed

Embedding your video on your website is easy with YouTube Video is as easy as creating an Instagram account. All you have to do is find the video you desire to embed on your website. Then click the share button on under the video.

  • Log into your WordPress Admin panel and edit the post or page to which you wish to add your video.
  • Click on the interface wherever you want your video to appear and paster the URL.
  • Just within minutes, you will find that WordPress will show the video in the right place.
  • Click the Update button to complete.
  • Test your video by viewing the page or posting normally.


Method 2: Using Social Media Aggregator Tools

Using social media aggregator tools for embedding is an effective and easy way to showcase your social proof and build trust in your website. Tools like these are easy to use and don’t require knowing how to code. It makes them easier to use and helps you manage your business single-handedly. You don’t need to hire any developer to manage these tools.

  • Usually, these tools are economical to afford. Even if you are a small business owner, you can use these tools without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • With these tools, you also get profanity, where you can eliminate the posts you do not want to display on your website.
  • The custom CSS editor allows you to customize the appearance of your website, which means that you can change the themes and templates of the social wall. It makes your website even more engaging and retains the attention of your visitors.
  • You also get a robust analytics dashboard that generates a report of your widget’s performance, like engagement, active users, and the number of likes.
  • One of the benefits of using these tools is that the social wall on your website will be automatically updated. These tools take a lot off your plate, as you don’t have to embed a post on your website every time.


Take the example of Tagembed, a social media aggregator tool that enables you to embed a YouTube Widget on WordPress website without knowing to code.

Step 1:  Start by signing up or logging into your existing account, creating a Tagembed widget, and choosing YouTube as your source for aggregating feeds.

Step 2:  Enter your Channel URL.

Step 3: Click on the embed code button present in the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose your preferred CMS platform, WordPress, to generate the embed code.

Step 4: Copy the code and paste it onto the backend of your website.

And congratulations, you have successfully embedded your YouTube video into your website.


Benefits of Embedding YouTube Video on WordPress

  • Acts as a backlink: Embedding a YouTube video on your website acts as a backlink and thus enabling your videos to get placed in search engine results and get more views.
  • More audience: Adding your YouTube videos on your website helps you reach more audiences apart from your youtube channel. Suppose you embed your YouTube videos to your website, which has a lot of traffic. It will increase the chances of your videos getting viewed by various groups of people.
  • Increase the time spent on your website: This helps your users to spend quality time on your website rather than just scrolling through it. It is because embedding YouTube videos on your website helps them understand your brand better.
  • Google Loves YouTube: Google owns YouTube and likes to promote its services, so having videos on YouTube and shared could lead to better SEO rankings.

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Embedding YouTube videos on your website builds social proof and brings engagement to your webpage. Apart from this, it also helps you reduce your website’s bounce rate, as youtube videos will provide enough content for your visitors to scroll through.

The ways mentioned above to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress website are currently the easiest and the most effective ways. So, what’s stopping you from embedding your YouTube video on your website. Embed your YouTube videos on your website and engage your customers with stunning videos.