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How to Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

 People tend to gain belly fat when they become older. A statement which was made by a doctor few years back. Do you really agree with this? Only older people gain belly fat? Or we are into the time when children’s in teen ages tends to get obese. Due to the less intake of green fruits, vegetables or moreover a balanced diet in this fast paced world , we are seeing belly fat in even children’s also.

Did you know that there are several health risks that are associated with the excess of belly fat. It not only makes you less confident but also take you into the risk of getting health issues. Several issues like High Blood Pressure , High Cholesterol ,  Type 2 Diabetes , Breathing problem, Heart Disease and much more. By indulging with the Physical activities into your routine can help you to reduce the unnecessary fats from your body. So , in this article I have come up with the Best exercise to reduce belly fat with the help of my friend Jack who is an Certified Celebrity Trainer and Nutrition expert .


Let’s Start the Best exercise to Reduce Belly Fat: –

  • Burpees

The Burpee works on your core , chest , lats, shoulder, quads and triceps. It involves the plyometric movements .  In a low squat, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lower your body to the ground by lowering your hips back. Then, with your hands slightly outside your feet, hop backwards until your chest meets the floor. Lift your body into a plank by placing your hands on the floor, then hop your feet slightly outside of your hands. With your arms lifted and your weight centred on your heels, leap into the air.


  • Mountain Climbers

This  continuously moving exercise works on your core. In a high-plank posture, place your wrists directly under your shoulders. It is very important to keep your core strong simply by drawing the belly button towards the spine. Keep your core strong by drawing your belly button in toward your spine. Return to plank position by bringing your right knee to your chest. Then, bring your left knee to its previous position by driving it toward your chest. As needed, switch sides.


  • Medicine Ball Burpee

Standing with your feet shoulder-distance apart, hold a medicine ball in both hands. Extend the ball high in the air, then pound it as hard as you can on the ground while hunching over and sitting your butt back. As you hinge over, bend your knees. Place your hands on the ground outside of your feet to return to a high-plank stance. Keep your body straight . Then, while still squatting, spring your feet back towards your hands’ outsides. Take the ball in your hands and press it high while standing tall and extending your body.

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  • Sprawl

The sprawl is a full-body workout that works all of your muscles, burns calories, and sculpts and tones your upper and lower body, particularly your stomach. You need to squat down . Now put our hands on the ground while still standing with the feet and shoulder apart distance. Now you have to return to the plan position by lowering the body to the ground. After forcing yourself to a plank, squat with your feet outside of your hands. Regain your equilibrium.


  • BOSU Ball Plank

The BOSU Plank is a challenging than that of the normal plank as it tests your balance of the body with your hands on the floor. Just flip the BOSU ball on the side of it’s rubber , now after flipping the ball to the rubber side, hold the sides of the flat surface of the ball worth both your hands. Make sure to keep your shoulder distance apart. Now, you need to hold the plank position for 30 to 45 seconds. To develop more strength , you have to increase the time .


  • Running on an Incline

Running on an inclination rather than a flat surface has been demonstrated to enhance total calorie burn by up to 50%, according to studies. Five to ten minutes of uphill walking or jogging Continue jogging for another five to ten minutes before increasing your speed and beginning to run. After five minutes of running, gradually slow down to a walking pace. For 30 to 45 minutes, you need to do the 5 – 1 minute of jogging and 5 – 10 minutes of running , both alternatively.


  • Yoga

The Om in yoga would not burn the calories as the running inclined or by lifting heavy weights. It will help you to build the endurance and the muscle , both at the same time for optimizing the metabolism. The most calorie burning yoga postures are Plank , Chair ,  Chaturanga, and wheel.

So these are some of the Best exercise to reduce belly fat . The information has been given by my friend Jack who is an Certified Celebrity Trainer and Nutrition expert.