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How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Posts?

How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Posts?

Most social media platforms and their algorithms work similarly so you can use one of those strategies on Instagram. However, if you’re a beginner in social media marketing, you don’t need to worry. In this post, you will discover some of the easiest and proven ways to get more views on Instagram posts and grow your account with an expanded fan base.

1. Find Peak Posting Times

First, find a suitable posting time on Instagram because each account has a different audience featuring people from distinct time zones and cities. Although every account must figure out when you should post, some situations are related to the engagement rate on the platform.

Finding the optimal time to post is a great technique to succeed on the platform and boost followers. Moreover, it helps in engaging the audience and getting more views and interactions. The posting time differs based on various factors. One time will not be suitable for all accounts. The best time is when most of your followers are online. Avoid Mondays and weekends, and post mostly on Thursdays.


2. Host Giveaways

Organizing a successful giveaway is one of the best strategies to expand the follower base and increase the engagement rate with less effort. Giveaways encourage the audience to interact with your brand or business. They can increase interaction in terms of real likes and comments. Most importantly, they can promote the type of participation which is hard to measure through statistics.

Instagram giveaways allow connection with the audience by representing your brand objective and belief. It is a great trick to improve brand awareness online and persuade people to talk about the achievements of your brand. When arranging the giveaways, there are certain things that you must take into consideration. It includes setting your business goal, deciding the prize, adding hashtags, hosting and promoting campaigns strategically, and working on the genuine selection process.


3. Utilize Instagram Insights

Instagram insights is an in-built analytics tool that helps in understanding the ways your posts are performing on the platform. This tool provides useful information on the followers’ behavior and characteristics as well as posting details.

Based on the gathered information, you can check your followers’ activity data, impressions, website clicks, and reach. As a result, you can assess your campaigns, evaluate the success of individual posts, and compare content. After understanding your audience, you can customize your content based on their preferences.


4. Share and Highlight Stories

Instagram stories which last for 24 hours provide a customized touch to posts and make the audience feel more authentic and approachable. Businesses can benefit from stories in numerous ways including producing more leads, boosting brand awareness and brand transparency, improving brand visibility, bringing maximum website traffic, enhancing user interaction, and getting real-time feedback.

You can increase the durability of stories using Instagram stories highlights. The highlights appear on the Instagram feed and guide the potential audience to discover more about your individual personality or a business (based on your Instagram account type). You can show distinct content formats as highlighted stories. For example, short videos, images, FAQs, etc.


5. Write Descriptive Captions

Compelling and descriptive captions can be the most useful tip to generate more user interaction. Furthermore, it is important for the algorithm of Instagram. Adding an engaging caption makes it easier for the audience to understand why they must check your posts and why they require what you are providing.

You can persuade user interaction by adding different types of captions. For example, sharing behind-the-scenes details, asking questions, sharing interesting stories, offering significant resources, sharing informative tips, sharing quotes or memes, etc.

You must focus on the engagement level of an added caption as missing or including poor-quality captions can result in losing user engagement. An organized caption, on the other hand, can add context and encourage users to make decisions quickly.


6. Geo-Tagging

Tagging your posts with relevant location tags can improve your posts’ visibility among local users as well as travelers. It is significantly important when you are running or working in a retail or hospitality business. Studies found that the audience more often checks location tags to discover places to shop, eat, visit, etc. Therefore, if you want to improve the discoverability of your posts for the target audience, then tag your location.


7. Use Instagram Stories Stickers

Using Instagram stories stickers is a great strategy to get more views and make users feel more involved, thereby creating a loyal community. Select an image you need for your Instagram story and a sticker that helps engage your community. Quiz, GIF, location, poll, and hashtag are the most common stickers.


8. Leverage Instagram Hashtags

Using trending hashtags relevant to your business or niche is another recommended trick to bring more views. Never use a bulk of tags as it may overkill your strategy, instead, add them strategically based on the logically created hashtag strategy.  The best way is to select and use popular tags; monitor and analyze their impact on your account performance; and optimize the hashtag use.


9. Buy Genuine Views

All the strategies mentioned above will take some time and effort to gain an increasing number of views. If you are looking for ways that can get you more views safely, effortlessly, and quickly, then buy Instagram views for your videos. You will start seeing the improvements in the view count within minutes of buying high-quality and real views. When you purchase more views, more and more people will check it out.

When buying views, stay away from service providers offering low-cost views that are produced using techniques such as computer codes, robots, etc. Purchase views from a company that assures the optimal delivery of authentic and quality views while ensuring that your account remains safe. Make sure that they strictly follow the terms and conditions of Instagram and never put your account at risk of getting banned.

Follow these simple tricks and get a satisfactory increase in the number of Instagram views and necessary user engagement.