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Styling Tips: How to Wear Akoya Pearl Necklaces with Confidence

Pearls are unmistakably one of the evergreen and loved natural wonders that complete your jewellery collection. Good quality pearls can make a huge difference and help you define your style. While freshwater pearls are available in abundance, the beauty of an Akoya Pearl Necklace is a class apart. Before looking at how to style your Akoya pearls, let us take a look at why it is important to style them appropriately.

If you compare Akoya pearls and freshwater pearls, you will notice that Akoya pearls are not only denser and heavier, but their radiance is different. The lustre of a Single Akoya pearl necklace has the potential to make sure your accessories are noticed just as much as your clothes. Since Akoya pearls are also more expensive, it is absolutely essential to do justice to their beauty and grace. Here are some styling tips for wearing your Akoya pearls with confidence.


Tips for wearing your Akoya pearls

Wear the Correct Accessories to Ensure Your Pearls Shine

The correct accessories can either uplift the Akoya Pearl Necklace you are wearing or overshadow it. One basic rule to stick to while wearing your Akoya pearls is to avoid anything that may take your attention away from the pearls. Avoid excess of diamonds, stones, or multiple colours. If you are planning to layer your necklace, then the best way to layer a pearl necklace is with other pearls. Other accessories like earrings, bangles, bracelets, and so on should also have elements that put the pearls in the spotlight.


Choose Colours of Fabric that Complement the Colours of the Pearls

While pearls are compatible with all kinds of fabrics and colours, the best way to wear your pearls is to use contrast colours; black pearls go best with yellow, golden, or cream-coloured clothes, while cream and white pearls are best paired with black and dark coloured clothes. An Akoya Pearl Necklace can be worn with cotton, silk, satin, and so on. All textures of the fabric look good with pearls.


Decide the Length of Your Necklace Based on What you are Wearing

A pearl necklace can fit the bill whether you are wearing a shirt or a ballgown. The length of the necklace should depend on the neckline and the border of the clothes. For example, if you are wearing a saree, go for a long necklace, as a shorter one will get lost in the folds of the saree. If you have a boat neck or a plunging neckline, then a medium length is fine. Another important Akoya Pearl Necklace type is a choker. It looks great with most Indo-western outfits and traditional ones, too.


Experiment with Size Based on What the Occasion Is

If you are looking for a single strand necklace to go with a gown for a formal event, then you can try big pearls. However, if you are dressing up for a casual day out or brunch, then smaller pearls are the way to go. Remember that if you are dressing up children, then no matter the event, it is best to avoid bigger pearls and go for the smaller ones. The size of the pearls should also be balanced with the length of your pearl necklace.


Balance the Size of Pearls to Ensure you do not overdo It

If you are wearing single pearl studs of a bigger size, then you can go for a necklace with smaller pearls. The balance of pearl size ensures you do not look overdressed for any event. The balance of pearls also allows each piece of jewellery to shine on its own and does not interfere with the other.


Mix and Match your Akoya Pearl Necklace with other Elements

Pearls have a personality of their own, and their best quality is that they can go along with most other elements of jewellery. If you are looking to style your pearls with a bit of an edge, you can try pairing them with chunky gold pieces or traditional gold pieces, too. One rule to follow is to mix only one or a maximum of two elements at a time to make an impact. You can also experiment with various tints of pearls at the same time.


Casual Outfits With Pearls to Show off your Akoya Pearls

While pearls have been viewed and designed to accommodate only the traditional facet of jewellery, you can easily pair them with casual dresses, too. Pearls can be dainty and playful and add a touch of whimsy to your outfit. A plain tee and a Single Akoya pearl necklace sound like an unlikely combination, but they work well. Delicate necklaces paired with beach wear, summer wear, loungewear, and many other kinds of outfits look perfect.

Akoya pearls are precious and rare and deserve to be given attention every time they are worn. These styling tips will help you ensure your pearls are flaunted subtly and you get the best out of them. Akoya pearls are also more durable which means that you can cherish your beloved jewellery for years to come when worn the right way.