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Why Women Are Choosing Wallets over Purses in 2024

Listen, ladies, we know you’ve thought about just walking out the door without a handbag before, after all, you’re just rushing to the grocery store or running an errand, do you need all that stuff?

The answer of course is sometimes. Sometimes you do need all the extras in your handbag, and sometimes being minimal is the way to go. If you’re wondering if it’s time to invest in a designer wallets for women instead of a bag, let’s look into why women are loving the minimal vibe for 2024.


Easy & Portable

A cute little designer wallet is much easier to carry around than a huge handbag. If you’re lucky enough to have a pocket on your jeans you can slide this into there, or you can pop it into your jacket pocket. Either way, a little wallet still carries your necessities without so much hassle.


So Many Designs

Just because you’re buying a designer, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. These days designer doesn’t mean boring neutrals. You can choose from a variety of materials, styles, and shapes these days. You can get a round wallet, a coin purse style one, or a longer one to carry your essentials. You can stick to the neutrals or opt for something with a print, it’s all up to you.


Cheaper Options 

It’s true, that a designer bag will set you back thousands of dollars, but a designer wallet will only be a fraction of the price, and this is a great way to get into the world of designer goods. After all, you aren’t making such a big investment, and this often means you can branch out and choose styles that are more unique or out of the box with less financial burden overall.


Keep Things Safe

Most wallets are designed with safety and security in mind. After all, they are meant to carry your most valuable items such as your ID and credit cards. So it’s best to consider this before you get too excited about style and find something that’s designed to keep your things safe.


Can Still Fit Your Stuff

You may think a wallet is too small, but if you opt for a style that allows for fewer cards and more free space you can easily get your lip balm, comb, and your phone in there too.


Think Of Louis Vuitton First

Maybe this is just our bias speaking but when it comes to the place to buy wallets and to buy handbags for women, you just can’t ignore Louis Vuitton. With their signature monogrammed look, all the new street style looks they offer and the sophistication they give you, you just can’t go wrong with something from LV.