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Inter Milan vs FC Porto: A Timeline of Epic Football Rivalry

Inter Milan vs FC Porto: A Timeline of Epic Football Rivalry

Football, often hailed as the most beautiful game, has a unique ability to spark intense rivalries that captivate fans worldwide. One such rivalry of great significance is the matchup between Inter Milan and FC Porto. FC Porto, founded in 1893, is a prominent professional sports club based in Portugal, known as one of the country’s “Big Three” clubs.  This storied rivalry not only ignites passion on the field but also draws attention from fans globally, with enthusiasts often engaging in discussions and predictions on platforms like BC Game bonuses, enhancing the excitement surrounding these fiercely contested matches.


The Timeline

Inter Milan and FC Porto have been Head to Head 4-4 times in their Home and Away Grounds. On these 4 occasions, Inter Milan has won 2 times, lost 1 time and 1 draw. The goals scored at the percentage terms is 0.75.  For FC Porto, they have played 4 times, in which they have won 1 time, lost 2 times & the draw is also 1. The goals scored at the percentage terms is 0.75.

These 2 teams are one of the most successful teams in the history of European Football. The fans have witnessed one of the most dramatic and epic showdowns of matches between these 2 teams. 


It has been simplified below:

Team Inter Milan FC Porto
Matches Played  4 4
Won 2 1
Lost 1 2
Draw 1 1
Goals Scored 0.75 0.75

FC Porto is a Portuguese club which is based in the main city of Porto. It was founded in 1893 and is known as one of the “BIG 3” clubs in Portugal. FC Porto has won 7 international Trophies, 29 Domestic league titles, and 17 domestic cups. 

Inter Milan is an Italian-based Football Club in the main city of Milan. The club was founded in 1908. Inter Milan Club is one of the most successful clubs in Italy. They have won 9 International Trophies, 19 domestic titles, and 7 domestic cups.


The Origin 

The rivalry between Inter Milan & FC Porto is one of the biggest to see in European Football history. The encounters between players are intense leading to the greatest showcase of football skills, passion, anger, and emotions between the players and fans as well. The first meeting between these 2 football clubs was in the UEFA Cup in 1996 at the San Siro Stadium, in Milan. The match ended up drawing 0–0. But Inter Milan won on the aggregate with 3-1 to get into the semi-finals. This sets the foundation of rivalries between the 2 teams.

Even though FC Porto has won their 22 consecutive games, Inter Milan is getting on the track by winning and performing well. Though Inter Milan is struggling in the Serie A they have the potential to win against FC Porto, 

The Inter Milan and FC Porto have met several times in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League and the fans have witnessed one of the most electrifying matches in the history of football. Even their matches are in the multiple international headlines. Both teams have incredibly talented players and have won multiple football titles. Inter Milan has success in the Serie A football championship while on the other hand, FC Porto has found success in the Domestic and European football competitions.

The second appearance between both teams was in 1978-79 and 3rd in 1984-85 in which both the matches were won by Inter Milan by aggregate, though they were tied. But in the 1980-81 and 1986-87 FC Porto won both ties. The most recent matches were in the UEFA Champions cup in 2005-06 and 2023-24 in which Inter Milan won both ties. When comparing head-to-head. In 10 matches, Inter Milan has won 6 and FC Porot has won 3 with 1 draw match.

The most famous match between the 2 teams was in the 1987 UEFA Cup final which was played in 2 legs. The first leg happened in Milan where the match ended up 1-1. The 2ns leg was held in Porto where the result was 3-3. In the 2nd leg match, FC Porto took the lead of 2-0 in the first half, but Inter Milan had a great comeback in the second half, resulting in 3-3 at the end of the time.

As it was the final, the match went to a penalty shootout, where FC Porto won by 5-4 winning their 1st ever European Trophy.


Ending Up

As these 2 are the most successful and respected clubs in European Soccer history, they have an intense rivalry. Fans get thrilled by watching the matches between these 2 teams. Both teams have a cultural and social impact on both the countries and the fans. They both have marked the legacy in the history of football.