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Lakeyard; Your Favorite Summer Destination

Lakeyard; Your Favorite Summer Destination

Lakeyard is an ultimate vacation destination, it is considered the pinnacle of any vacation for you and your family with an array of options that will certainly appeal to all your senses. We understand that finding a vacation hub is no easy task as all our needs differ from one to the other yet Lakeyard from Palm Hills Developments has managed to conquer a very competitive vacation scene. In this article we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Lakeyard.

Lakeyard from Palm Hills Development

An exclusive commercial complex that is the center of all North Coast’s events, it is the ultimate chance to invest in the North Coast. Lakeyard has an impressive array of 62 stores of all sizes and types. A European outdoor experience, a walk around our North Coast shores that helps you go through a soul-inspiring journey. Lakeyard New Edition is adding street performers to its unique array of services.


Lakeyard North Coast Location

Lakeyard, which is 4.5 feddans, is located in Hacienda Bay North Coast. It is 279 KM away from Cairo, 135 KM away from Alexandria, 25.4 KM from Marina North Coast, 165 KM away from Marsa Matrouh, 44.2 KM from International Alamein Airport & 82 KM from Borg El Arab. A fair distance that entices you to visit Lakeyard.


Lakeyard New Edition

Lakeyard New Edition is an entertainment hub that creates an unprecedented buzz & lifts spirits, getting your vacation to start on a high. It has redefined summer magic as it always does. It blends music, shopping & a chain of restaurants that you can pick and choose from to satisfy your color palettes. We present to you Lakeyard the go-to summer getaway.

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We start with what your ears will listen to once you’re in Lakeyard, street musicians and a jazzy saxophonist as the musical notes fill the air along with talented singers that are hitting notes higher than the sky.



Lakeyard wants to re-establish what a vacation hub can be so it added shopping to its list of services, the hottest retail outlets, internationally and locally from Aeropostale and DStore, to Lush Boutique and Maison 69 featuring the latest cuts and threads for your summer collection, also having a good beach day means you will have a bad hair day. Well not anymore as Chez Richard is there to style your summer right.



Having your summer body ready for summer is no easy task, so Befit is there to help you burn your summer calories away and stay in shape.



A good scene doesn’t just mean beaches, the sun & green spaces. Lakeyard is here for art enthusiasts to bless their eyes with illuminating the setting into a bright burst of color. The wizards of the wall painted everyone from Frida Kahlo to Anthony Quinn and Robert DeNiro to add a certain extra flair and character to Lakeyard.

When we say getaway we mean it as you can snap a shot by the Greek steps that have been built to complete the European essence and make you escape to the essence of Santorini.


Last but not least, Food

Your taste buds have to enjoy themselves as much as you do, every craving, every taste you will find at Lakeyard. The true challenge to keeping your summer body, our chain of restaurants. But you can always have a cheat day or week.

Let’s start with Mince burgers to enjoying your cheesy pizza from Crust or cooling down the summer heat from Stavolta’s fresh ice cream, to a delicious dessert with Four Fat Ladies unique baked goods. Or you can pass by the House of Coco or grab your favorite coffee from Espresso Lab. For a more traditional eating scene you can visit at One Oak and Gaby’s. If you’re into trying something new don’t hesitate to stop by the authentic Greek eatery Seekoz.

There are many reasons why Lakeyard in Hacienda Bay is the perfect vacation spot for you, you can pick from many. But most importantly, it’s the community. It unites people from all ages, families, groups of friends or even couples. You will find something to enjoy there. Lakeyard cares about making your tour an unforgettable one. In conclusion, if you need a break, come chill at Lakeyard.