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Live Word Cloud Examples

The use of Live Word Clouds in presentations, speech or other activities is commonplace nowadays. You might see this tool is widely used in classrooms, meeting rooms and beyond the humble, beautiful Live Word Cloud. The usage of Live word clouds is crucial for improving the efficiency of meetings and events, including participant engagement and ongoing feedback gathering.

Therefore, knowing how to use word clouds for free is important. If you’re stuck for ideas, AhaSlide can make ideas for you. Check out this list of 20 interesting Live Word Cloud examples if you want to make your event more remarkable and interactive, or if you’re just stumped for ideas.


#1. Icebreaking Word Cloud

These word clouds are ideal for breaking up the silence at the start of an event or meeting and setting the tone. Compose a wonderful word collage of your audience’s opinions and use their insights as a starting point for your main presentation.

  1. How do you feel right now, in one word?
  2. What is your next fantasy holiday location?
  3. Use one emoji to describe your ideal holiday.
  4. What animal would our company be if it were an animal?
  5. Where do you intend to spend your summer vacation?
  6. Describe your experience with 2022 in one word.
  7. How do you say “hi” in your native language?
  8. How are you feeling today?
  9. What is the worst gift you’ve ever received?
  10. What do you typically do when you’re bored? 


#2. ‘Understand your audience’ Word Cloud

At the beginning, you’ll learn more about your audience. What do they anticipate? What themes spark their attention the most? It will help you understand them better and personalise your presentation to their specific demands.

  1. What topic do you intend to learn more about today?
  2. What do you hope to take out of this event in one word?
  3. What is the most difficult problem you are now facing at work?
  4. What is your greatest strength?
  5. What is your greatest weakness?
  6. What do you hope to gain from today’s event/meeting?
  7. What real-world issues could your industry or line of business help to solve? 
  8. What are the abilities or information that you believe will be vital for your future profession in your field of study? 
  9. What are some other points of view or perspectives on your field or line of work? 
  10. What areas of your field of study do you believe are currently understudied or unexplored? 


#3. Live Word Cloud in Homepage

Are you looking for an innovative way to engage your readers in your blog? Why not give the live Word Cloud game a try? 

How it works: Start by choosing a specific topic or theme that’s relevant to your blog post or current trending topics. Don’t forget to embed the live Word Cloud into your blog post so that readers can see their contribution in real-time. As more contributions come in, the Word Cloud evolves, reflecting the most popular words submitted by your audience in super beautiful visual. 

It’s really a fresh and innovative way to connect with your readers and make your blog posts more memorable and enjoyable.


Key Takeaways

So, which one of these word clouds is your favourite? In AhaSlides, creating a Word cloud and running it during an online meeting or event is as easy as a piece of cake. If you don’t know which Word Cloud tools can fit all your need, check out Top 12+ Collaboration Word Cloud Tools for free, where you learn a full comparison between two different types of Word Cloud and examples of tools.

If you don’t have an AhaSlides account yet, create one below and you can try it for yourself. It’s free. Just like all good things in life.