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Why is the First Night After Marriage Important?

First Night, or Suhag Raat, as it is popularly known in India, represents the very first night spent by the couple together after marriage. It marks the beginning of the couple’s shared journey.

The ritual decorates the couple’s bed with flowers to sweeten their relationship. The bridal party ladies escort the bride to this beautifully adorned bedroom where she waits for her husband to come in with milk in a glass. It helps the couple build a strong foundation for the upcoming challenges that they may have to face together.

As marriage holds sanctity in India, a first night aids the couple in understanding each other. And couples tend to seek retreat in a scenic location post-marriage to foster their connection.

Symbolises a New Beginning

The First Night in a couple’s life is the key to a new chapter of the couple’s life together. Their consummation depicts commitment, trust and partnership, necessary to lead life together as a whole.


Fosters Physical Intimacy

Consummation of marriage leads to physical intimacy, thereby, creating a bond at a physical level as well as at an emotional level. This fosters a healthy dependence on each other as a couple for days when they need each other’s support.


Establishes Emotional Significance

As it marks the beginning of their life together, it is emotionally significant to the couple at a personal level. While it could be exciting, nervous, and ecstatic, it creates a bond with each other at an emotional level.


Customary Practice

In India, and in some parts around the world, the first night of a couple after marriage holds cultural as well as religious significance; making it a customary practice for years to come.


Memories for the Couple

Since it is the beginning of their journey as a couple, first night becomes a memory that the couple remembers for the rest of their lives together. Shortly put, the first night of a couple marks the beginning of their journey as a couple, with each other. It’s a moment to cherish, and celebrate as it represents their future.