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Top 10 Biggest Shopping Centre in USA

Top 10 Biggest Shopping Centre in USA

We are back with another blog post on retail therapy. For today, it’s about the giant shopping malls located in America. Yes, dimensions matter for these shopping complexes that stretch across the country making them a shopaholic paradise with all types of fashion with delicious food options. So, hold on tight because it’s time to see what’s inside the top 10 biggest malls in USA.


1. Mall of America

Get ready to be amazed at the big size of Mall of America for shopping and consumerism that covers over 5.6 million square feet located in Bloomington, Minnesota. And here is something cooler: Nickelodeon Universe; a park within a mega mall and also North America’s largest indoor theme park which makes it a cool place to visit.

It offers rides and thrills for everyone regardless of age! If you love underwater world don’t forget Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium where awesome tunnel lets you watch different colours swimming fish surrounding you. They also organize events such as Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament ensuring collective experience.


2. American Dream

American Dream is a blend of shopping, entertainment and adventure. Spanned over 3 Million square feet, American Dream is more than just a shopping centre. It has the DreamWorks Water Park, the largest indoor water park in North America. American Dream Shopping Centre offers adventurous rides and many more immersive attractions making it a paradise for its visitors.


3. King of Prussia

King of Prussia Mall, a prominent retail giant is famous for its numerous stores. It is spanned over 2.8 Million Square feet with over 400 stores offering high-end luxury brands to its customers.

It is popular because of its perfect combination of modern yet elegant stores that also appeal to its elegant and vintage customers. With its rich history form the 1960s, King of Prussia Mall is constantly changing and redefining the experience of shopping for its customers.


4. South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza offers a blend of elegance, and luxury spanning over 2.8 million square feet of retail space. It stands as an epitome of fashion and culture on the West Coast. There are over 250 boutiques at South Coast plaza, and is a centre for luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It stands as a premier shopping destination with its blend of art, fashion, and cuisine.


5. Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall is widely known for its combination of entertainment, luxury, and shopping experience. Spanning over 2.7 Million Square feet, it has a collection of over 300 Stores, which includes numerous internationally recognized luxury brands.

Mall enthusiasts in fashion industry will get a paradise of buying where there are several brands and styles to choose from including department stores, modern boutiques and legends such as Louis Vuitton and Prada.

Aventura Mall has embraced technology to improve the shopping experience by integrating digital innovations and interactive features along with its physical presence. This is an exclusive choice for individuals who look for sophistication and excitement while shopping in South Florida.


6. Destiny USA

Destiny USA is a massive retail and entertainment complex that draws guests in with its vast size and varied services. With more than 2.4 million square feet of space, Destiny USA is one of the biggest shopping malls in the country, offering a variety of food, entertainment, and retail options.

Destiny USA serves a diverse range of customers with more than 250 stores, including high-end fashion, luxury goods, and well-known retailers. The whole visit is made even more charming by these six different districts each having its unique theme thus giving room for ultimate shopping experience.


7. Del Amo Fashion Centre

Located in Torrance, California, the Del Amo Fashion Centre is essentially a shopping centre but much more than that it is an enormous retail habitat that encapsulates the relaxed chic of the south Californian lifestyle. Amongst America’s biggest shopping complexes, it spans over 2.3 million square feet.

With its 200-plus stores, the Del Amo Fashion Centre offers a variety of choices for shoppers from boutiques with a unique twist to famous fashion labels. For instance, both eternal classics and current fashions are available in this mall which has been designed beautifully with modern architecture and ambiance.

Del Amo Fashion Centre is changing as well as redefining what shopping means in SoCal; it is a destination for fashion and style merging together with community spirit. It’s an ideal place for those people who want to spend their day of retail therapy in elegant surroundings imbued with entertainment and warmth.


8. The Galleria

Situated in Houston Texas, The Galleria combines luxury shopping with southern hospitality to become one of the great shopping centres across the state. It has a total floor space of not less than 2.3 million square ft making it one of America’s largest and most prestigious malls.

The Galleria, houses more than 400 stores and offers a mix of upscale boutiques, recognizable retailers, and luxury brands, is like no other shopping venue. The Galleria is not just a place for eating out or shopping alone; it is also a cultural centre. Performances are held there; exhibitions of art are shown while different kinds of events take place.


9. Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mills is redefining outlet shopping; it’s a paradise situated near Sunrise Florida. This mega-mall spans over 2.3 million square feet making it one of the largest outlets in America.

Digital directories and touchscreen booths are some of the interactive features that encourage innovation at Roosevelt Field Mall, which is more than just a place where people can dine and shop. The mall’s event schedule also includes fashion shows, pop-up shops, as well as other community activities that make it worthwhile to shop there.


10. Roosevelt Field Mall

Roosevelt Field Mall continues to be among Long Island’s top shopping destinations due to its faultless layout, upscale facilities and commitment towards an up-market atmosphere.

Shopping malls are the best places you can have fun with your friends during the day. There are many such malls in America where one can buy things, eat foods or do any other thrilling activities. Such places are so large that if you visit them, they may take you almost one whole day.

Visit all or any of these shopping malls and let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section.