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Ludo – Is it Good For Children?

Ludo - Is it Good For Children?

There are plenty of games that you can play online. But can your kids play them safely as well? Well, there are several controversies behind the usage of online games for children. A safe option is a ludo, the offline version of which has been played by kids for years now.

All adults have played this game in their childhoods, and it is needless to say that the game is engaging and pretty exciting. The game has been a favorite pastime for thousands of Indians. From summer vacations to picnics and get-togethers, Ludo has been part and parcel of our lives. There are hardly any households that didn’t own a ludo board. The best part is that the online version has the essence of the offline ones. It has plenty of benefits as well. So why not play the game online as well?

If you are wondering whether the sites are safe or not, let us tell you that yes, they are 100% safe. The online gaming scenario has seen a crazy surge since the pandemic here, which is also evident from this Forbes blog. Gaming apps are witnessing amazing profits, and people are enjoying their time staying at home and playing games like Ludo. There are safe play options for children who are also bored for some reason or the other.

Download the ludo game now and start playing.


Now, let us talk about how the game of Ludo is safe for kids.

  1. Break from Monotonous Life: Just like we are bored and face the work-from-home blues, the kids are also bored and want to meet their friends. While some schools have opened, many haven’t, and there is further fear of lockdowns. Since you are not allowing them to visit parks and malls (And rightly so, given the increase in COVID cases), please give them some relief by allowing them to play Ludo.

Ludo helps in improving the mental and physical health of players. It will help them relax too, do not forget they also need recreational activities and something that will help them unwind!


  1. Triggers Cognitive Abilities: You need to pay attention to activities that improve cognitive abilities in kids.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to introduce your children to games and activities that will improve their cognitive abilities. Ludo is undoubtedly one of them!


  1. Improves Social Skills: Playing games like Ludo also improves social skills. These days, since kids mostly remain at home, their social skills do not develop. But by pairing with players outside of their house, they will be able to socialize. They will understand the value of socializing and sharing ideas.

He or she will be able to connect with players across the board. You can also see the players’ faces on the screen and talk with them. Ludo will help your little one bond and interact with other people. There are so many contests and championships in Ludo constantly going on. However, you should check whether the online gaming site that you have chosen allows kids to play or not. There could be age restrictions surrounding the same.


  1. Keeps Your Brain Moving: Ludo is an amazing game that will flex your brain muscles. It will help you think and make you productive. Since your brain is responsible for problem-solving, analyzing, and critical thinking, you will constantly think and not mindlessly browse social media spaces like Facebook or Instagram.


  1. Teaches Them the Meaning of patience: Patience is missing not just in kids but also in adults. If your child has a short attention span, allowing him or her to play a round or 2 of Ludo every day can improve the same. Since ludo sessions are in a stress-free environment, it will improve their patience and hone their focus skills.


  1. It can Help Your Little One Win Rewards: Online Ludo games can also help your kid win rewards. Online Ludo is not just limited to kids, but adults can play too. There are multiplayer modes that you can take part in. There is also the solo playing mode which you can try.


  1. Boosts Confidence and is Good for Mental Sanity: This is yet another reason why you should allow your children to play Ludo. It gives your children that confidence boost. It will also help them understand that there’s no room for second-guessing. Once they have taken a decision, they have to stick to it. So these are a few reasons to let your children play this amazing game.


  1. Keeps One Engaged for Hours: This is yet again a plus point of playing this game. Children will be occupied for hours while you can run errands or do other important chores. You will have a fun time while challenging them as well.


Conclusion: Playing Ludo is a great decision. You can choose the multiplayer mode and challenge your kids. It will also teach them goal setting, being competitive, etc. It also improves relationships, boosts their creativity, etc. It will help you create a bond within the family as well.