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Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ 900 Career Benefits

An engineering degree or IT qualification doesn’t open up career pathways directly. You need to get specialized or gain experience in your career to land a good job. But now, fortunately, there are several certifications and career options to choose from. Making the right choice can be a tricky part. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 certification exam can be the right place to start your career journey, regardless of your role.

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. It has become inevitable for any job role, sales, marketing, or developer, to have basic knowledge of cloud computing before stepping up to advanced job roles. Cloud-based services are being adopted by every industry, not just IT but even NGOs, to ensure the smooth operation of the business. The toppers in cloud providers are AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure.

This article will try to understand how the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certificate can benefit your job profile. The certification can help individuals in the technical and non-technical sectors, those acquainted with other cloud providers, or even those with advanced Azure credentials.

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What is Being Covered in AZ 9000 Fundamentals?

As the name goes, the Azure system’s fundamentals form the exam’s curriculum. But unlike other specific exams, it even provides basic knowledge about cloud systems and their operation, and not just Azure basics. Azure certifications were modified at Ignite 2018, where paths were defined for the Azure certs. AZ-900 exam was also introduced at this time. All other Azure certificates are directed toward a specific role.

50% of the syllabus contains basic cloud concepts and Azure services. The rest 50% is comprised of security, pricing, and support-related information. So, in a single glance, you can understand that with an AZ-900 certification alone, you will not be qualified enough to gain a job in cloud services. But it is vast enough to help you get started with any Azure role or add to your current qualification for a job that requires basic cloud knowledge.


Why and Who Should Get Certified in AZ 900?

Microsoft was met with a need to introduce more professionals to Azure certifications. Cloud computing is a job arena where a person can walk into a career path without a technical background. And thus, Microsoft introduced AZ-900, a base course through which anyone can learn Azure or cloud computing. AZ-900 exam is advantageous for individuals who belong to the below categories.

  • Candidates who aspire to venture into cloud computing and are clueless about where to begin. The AZ-900 course training will provide a clear insight into cloud computing and which career path to undertake.
  • Those already working on other cloud platforms but looking to shift to Azure can gain the basic knowledge required.
  • People in tech roles can shift to positions requiring cloud expertise.
  • If you work in a company that operates on Azure cloud service, you can skill up with the Azure Fundamental Certification and be eligible for a promotion.

For beginners, to get started – Sign up for Microsoft az 900 courses that provide live classes, recorded videos, interactive sessions, hands-on training, and practice exams. Also, try downloading Microsoft Azure Training App for Android or Microsoft Azure Training App for iOS for a seamless learning experience.


Benefits of Passing the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

1. Helps Acquire Basic Knowledge of Azure

AWS and Azure are in a neck-to-neck competition. Understanding the expansion of Microsoft Azure and holding an introductory cloud computing cert can be a golden feather in your resume. For individuals who are new to IT and cloud computing, the AZ-900 course module can be the best opportunity to venture into this promising Microsoft career.


2. Provides Career Flexibility

After attaining your Azure Fundamentals certification, you can demonstrate your understanding of cloud systems and the Azure platform. With the knowledge of the cloud system, you can now choose your desired job role, cloud platform, and career. Even though it is true that you may not get a job because of your AZ-900 certification, you can get the upper hand with the qualification listed in your resume.


3. Better Salary

Top companies like Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft always look for skilled and certified Azure professionals. Surveys show that accredited professionals received around 15% more salary when compared to others. Holding a Microsoft certificate also improves your chances of being picked up by companies that operate on the Azure cloud system. By coordinating the work process with the cloud system, the candidate can take up the associated duty and thus gain a promotion.


4. Adds Credibility and Specialization to your Job Profile

If you have been working in a cloud-based job position for a long time, then the Azure 900 certification can update you with the latest features, terminologies, etc., that can help you advance in your job. The AZ-900 credential on your job profile is proof of your diligence as a professional.


5. AZ-900 is the First Step Towards Exploring Associate Level Azure Roles

Acquiring the Azure Fundamental certification is not mandatory to progress toward the other Microsoft exams. But, the knowledge of the Azure operations, services, and features will help to make the crucial decision of the associate role to pursue. The associate certification will be able to deliver you your career path. With your Fundamentals certification, understanding the challenging topics can help you move further on the way to expert and advanced-level exams.


6. Crack Azure Interviews

Obtaining a certificate will not be able to get you a reputed job. You need to pass the tough interview sessions. With a glance at the top Azure interview questions, you will be able to understand that it is required to know the basics to cut through the interview. It will also help to understand the scenario-based questions and answer them promptly and accurately.


7. Foundational Knowledge of Cloud-Based Services

According to statistical reports, about 40% of IT jobs are bound to be cloud-based. Cloud-certified professionals are in demand when compared to non-certified ones. The AZ-900 certification can work like a primary certification for a person who is entirely new to cloud computing. You need not limit yourself to a Microsoft-only career. With your basic understanding of the system, you can switch to a job with any cloud service provider.


8. Switch From a Non-Technical Job to an IT Career

To meet the increasing demand for cloud professionals, it became necessary to lure non-technical working professionals to cloud computing. One of the advantages of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 certification is that the course module covers most basic cloud concepts rather than the Azure platform alone. With AZ-900, Microsoft has enabled anyone to acquire an IT job, even without a technical qualification.



How to Prepare for the AZ 900 Exam?

You can ideally complete the course in 10-15 hours. It is significantly less effort when compared to the benefit that it can shower on your career. You can choose to get trained on a free or paid course. You can find both types of courses on the Microsoft Azure website. These classes can all be attended virtually. You can try location-based search if you want to take an offline class.

You can follow a study path with both self-study and expert-led training. One should not stick to a single learning method to gain the best knowledge and pass the exam. Refer to books, blogs, and other resources to get the latest information about the platform.

The practice test is the final word in the certification examination. Make sure you attend the maximum possible AZ-900 practice exams after all the study sessions. Microsoft offers official practice tests, and the training provider will also have mock tests to gauge the students. With practice tests, you get to know how well-prepared you are. You will be able to see when you are all set to take the exam and then schedule the actual exam. You can thus be confident that you will crack the exam on the first try.


What Next after Microsoft Fundamentals Certification?

Whether from an IT background or not, attaining the Microsoft Fundamentals certification is a major achievement. But you might have now understood that AZ-900 is a beginner-level exam, and you need more than the certification to gain a job. Enterprising individuals step up to the next level or switch to another cloud platform.

You can even get into internships, volunteering, or smaller jobs to get hands-on experience. If you are lucky enough, you might get a quick promotion in your current position with your Azure authentication. You might be employed to train the other staff in your sector to work on the basic operations of the cloud and thus impress your employer.


Moving Forward

Wouldn’t it be great to join the spectacular Microsoft community and flaunt the Microsoft certificate on your job profile? For some, this could be one of the top reasons to get certified with Microsoft. Microsoft introduced the Azure Fundamentals exam targeting people new to cloud computing and Azure. It is the first step towards a better career and salary. With cloud computing extending its wings to all industries, this is the right time to get yourself a dream job with Azure.