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NBA 2K23 Game Modes: Complete Guide

NBA 2K23 is a massive game designed to be played every day, with plenty of material to keep you entertained until the next version is released. It can be confusing for a beginner because it’s difficult to decide how to invest your time and attention straight away. Here are some popular game modes so you know whether they are competitive or casual, online or offline, simple to learn or take a significant time investment, and if you may play alone or with a team. You can earn nba2k 23 mt through most of these game modes.

1.   MyTeam

This is NBA 2K23’s best single-player fantasy game mode. Players are obtained by either grinding for them, buying them in the auction house, or getting fortunate when opening packs. Once you’ve put up a half-decent squad, you may play 3v3 or 5v5 online versus another player or offline against the AI to earn MT, XP, and awards, which will help you expand your card collection and there is no need to buy nba2k 23 mt.

What’s remarkable about this game mode is that it starts out reasonably realistic, but as fresh stuff and different versions of players drop every Friday, the game gradually drifts toward pure fiction.


2.   ProAm

ProAm is significantly more competitive than Park and requires you to participate with a squad. You can play 3v3 or 5v5, and you will be matched to another team, so you don’t have to wait for worthy opponents to challenge you. When you play ProAM, your reputation is on the line because games that are lost or abandoned will lower your rank.


3.   Jordan Challenge

Jordan Challenge

Michael Jordan is widely recognized as the greatest basketball player of all time, and he famously wore the number 23. So, for 2K23, they honoured his legacy by including 15 of Jordan’s finest moments in-game.

2K made sure that each of these challenges is as accurate as possible to the real thing, with spot-on visuals and adjusted gameplay to guarantee that you experience basketball.


4.   Park

Also referred to as the city. This is a single-player game mode that allows you to play online as the character you created in MyCareer. Play the casual street ball to 21, either 3v3 or 2v2, with friends and family members, and everyone earns some VC to spend on character upgrades after the game. The amount of VC you win in Park games is determined by your team’s grade and winning bonuses.

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5.   MyCareer

This offline storyline mode is single-player only and simulates an NBA career. You may make your character look like you by painstakingly tweaking their face, hair, and body with the in-game tools or by scanning their face with the MyNBA2K23 app on your phone.

No matter how brilliantly you perform in the NBA during your rookie season, leading sports analysts Kendrick Perkins and JJ Reddick will repeatedly tell anybody who will listen that your team made a terrible mistake selecting you one choice ahead of Shep Owens. This adds a whole new hater component to MyCareer, making it rather hilarious.

Other new MyCareer features include having a high fashion and music rating to increase your marketability. This is necessary in order to earn VC through endorsements and obtain perks to aid in the grind of your construction. For basketball fans who prefer story modes, this game has much more to offer than past 2K releases.


6.   AnteUp

Unlike ProAm, AnteUp involves wagering your in-game currency, known as VC, rather than your reputation. AnteUp is played 2v2, 1v1, or 3v3, so players can join with or without a squad. This game mode is similar to Park, but with 1v1 and actual VC on the line.

Before starting a game, courts will have different wagers, so you have an idea about how much you’re going to lose or win. AnteUp is the place to go if you’re good and want to build currency faster. This game is all about tryhards. Therefore you should be quite confident in your squad’s talents.


7.   PlayNow Online

If MyTeam appears to be too time-consuming and you want your strengths and weaknesses to be realistic, you should try this game mode. PlayNow Online is a terrific method to compete in 5v5 online against other players without having to grind for your team. Teams are pre-made, so simply select your favourite NBA team and compete against a friend or a stranger right away.


8.   MyGM


This game mode is intended for players who aren’t necessarily skilled at NBA 2K but have a strong interest in basketball. Essentially, you take on the job of an NBA general manager and do everything in your power to guarantee that your selected franchise wins the title. The wonderful thing about this game mode is that you may simulate or play games for your squad. So, if your team isn’t very powerful, it’s preferable to sim for a few years and build up your roster before jumping on the court and controlling the players.


9.   The W

This game mode can be found under the WNBA section of the home screen. This is the female MyCareer, where you can live out your WNBA fantasies in the same way that the male version has for so long. Create one of 10 builds for your preferred height, weight, and wingspan, then select a team to be drafted to.



This couch-sharing, the two-player game option, provides a great deal of freedom and personalization. You can play as one to five NBA players at once while playing against a friend. This game mode, like Park, is extremely fast-paced, with no time-outs or substitutes. You also get to choose how long the game lasts, which can be as short as first to 5 points or as long as first to 50. You will need MT to perform better than you can buy from MMOpixel.