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Paddlewheel Flow Meters- Technical Conditions and Its Installation

Paddlewheel Flow Meters- Technical Conditions and Its Installation

Paddlewheel flowmeter is easy to install and operate, which results in the overall cost of the ownership. There are many types of paddlewheel flow meters available in the market. These include gas flow meter, airflow meter, water flow meter, and liquid flow meter. Each of them operates differently. The accuracy of the paddlewheel flow meter may deteriorate for the liquid of high velocity. Fluid with a high rate helps you to create laminar of the flow profile. Therefore, the Reynolds number of liquid used to show higher than 4500.

Installation Requirement

Paddlewheel flowmeters work perfectly for clean fluids. This is because the paddle is inserted into the water stream’s smaller distance to the entire pipe’s consistency. The diameter obtains accurate for reading. The straight length of the line is useful for the linear size of the line you are using. The minimum strength length pipe is required to determine the type of the obstruction before paddlewheel. Therefore the absolute minimum is typical of the pipe size you want to use. Example 4 line will require a minimum of 10 x 4 of the total of 40 straight pipes before instruction of specific requirements.


Process Connection

The installation of the pipe can be carried away to direct welding into the tube. Therefore, a pipe can be fit into the adapt delivery of the building inside the diameter of the piping. The drilling device is the installation is necessary welding and T-piece of the material according to its various controls.

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Installation Utilizing Welding Fitting

  • The proper installation is indicated for the essential mark of the same height inside diameter across the diameter.
  • The preparation for diameter across practice is installed in the necessary mark line, namely, higher of the pipe.
  • According to the outside diameter of a radius, the ground is fitted inside the piping. It would be best to work without a free gap of the possible subject of the tension’s thermal stress.
  • The adaption of selecting a place of the pipe is essential to consider for the tube. It is possible to damage the paddlewheel shafted of the pipe.
  • When you finish installing, it is vital to make the slots for insertion of the critical meter. The recommendations adhere to the maximum angle deviation of the straight direction of the pipe. You will automatically pipe for installation of your line and adhere to the most important one.
  • When inserting to the meter, it is easy to check the process adapt to lubricant grease of the selling EPDM. It would be good if you made sure the pipe is accurate.


Source of Disturbance

  • Anything that is interfering with liquid flow are-
  • The flow sensor’s flow liquid is steady and free for wiring the minimum straight recommendation before the flow meter.
  • Pumped and bends of the elbows located close to one another of the various pipe you used for installation.
  • You can blend the mixture of the substance with the value of the necessary meter of either blending point of substance distance, which causes inaccuracy. When you are cutting pipe, it helps you with your work.


Pulse Output

  • The output mode is selected for the constant pulse mode according to the individual’s K-factor. The flow meter is functioned to deliver the switching point of several sets of a switch. The flow is below the switching point of contacting the open pipe.
  • Therefore, the switching point depends on the flow velocity to increase the diameter of the piping. The manufacture is delivered on the meter output—the zero flow velocity of the medium output value.
  • The pipe must be full of water at the time. The system starts for air in line of leads to the erroneous.
  • Ensure the saddle is appropriately installed for the pipe size and alignment of an accurate reading adjustment.
  • The manufacture is published for the output pulse of each specific pipe fitting. The fluid is passed through the pipe. This makes the work easy for you when operating.

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Pipe Fitting

Pipe fitting is stylish and designed to install the pipe of various installation pipes. The fitting is available in a variety of the material like stainless steel. There are many drilling pipes and cutting of pipe installation of special needs.



The low display is used to receive the paddlewheel’s signal to convert the actual flowmeter’s movement. The processed signal is used to open and close the paddlewheel to stop the pumping of the indicator. The valve of the flow meter is used in the system of the level pulse to external equipment.


Final words

Those are essential things you need to know about paddlewheels. The sensor is controlled to make the work perfect for you when working. The fluid passes via the pipe to make work easy. Thus, we see the paddlewheel flow meter as a very useful device for industries.