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Remortgaging Your Home: Some Essential Tips

Research has shown that your property will probably be the largest investment you will ever make. There’s excellent reason to place your faith in property as a way of protecting your investment portfolio. It has a track record of beating inflation, at least over the longer term – and it can provide an excellent return on investment. However, there’s another reason that property is such a popular investment – the ability to leverage that property in order to access funds. Know more about remortgaging, ask this Mortgage Broker in Leeds.

Remortgaging your property can be a cost-effective way to access funds, after all, you are already committed to servicing a property-related debt with a financial institution. However, before making your final decision to remortgage your property there are some considerations to keep in mind. Here are some hints and tips to ensure that when you do decide to remortgage you get the best deal possible.


Timing can be everything. If you have advance warning that you will need funds then start the planning process early. With mortgage rates fluctuating in the present economic climate, it is always a good idea to be able to pick your moment to make a remortgage application. A professional broker or financial advisor can be invaluable when it comes to deciding the right moment to remortgage – if you do not have access to this sort of specialized expertise then perhaps it is time to investigate the services that these professionals offer. Find the right broker for you. Check out this Broker Advisor in Leeds.


It’s always a temptation to stay with your current lender. There’s the threat of seemingly endless reams of red tape that would need to be negotiated with a new lender – and you’re familiar with your current lender. You also have a track record with them. But, sometimes change is good. Mortgage providers are operating in a tremendously competitive environment and you may be able to get a better deal on interest rates if you shop around.


Remember that flexibility is also extremely important. Some lenders allow you to pay off your mortgage (or remortgage in this case) faster, paying more when you have the funds. You’ll still have to service your debt at a minimum level (usually paying your interest each month), but the option of paying off that debt faster is extremely attractive.

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When you are making your remortgage decision you will need to rely on accurate information. One of the most vital pieces of information is the worth of your property. That valuation will determine how much you can borrow. It’s essential that you have an accurate estimate for planning purposes – but don’t try and value your property yourself. This is one of those instances where the assistance of a professional is required. A call to a local real estate operation can provide you with the information you need. Alternatively, there are numerous websites that will provide a home value in your area. A simple web search is all that is required.


It is almost inevitable that you will require extra funds at some point. If you own a property, remortgaging is a cost-effective way to access funds. However, always be aware that your financial responsibilities are likely to change when you remortgage your property – so that change must be factored in when deciding on just how much you can afford to borrow.