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The Best Staycation Ideas to Relax and Chill during Weekends

The COVID 19 pandemic has revitalized the concept of staycations for people all over the world. Many people began to stay at home and some had to work from home (WFH) due to the borders closing down in many countries and people having lesser opportunities to travel and explore. Hence the staycation idea had caught up in many places with tourism slowing down due to the pandemic situation.

The word staycation is a portmanteau of two words “stay” and “vacation”. People plan for staycations because it is easy and convenient to have a short trip to a place near their homes and enjoy their time by relaxing and chilling out. The staycations became popular in the US during the financial crisis that lasted from 2007 to 2010. It also became popular in the UK during 2009 since the pound sterling was weak making overseas holidays more expensive. Hong Kong is a great city and offers great opportunities for people wishing to plan their staycations.

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Benefits of Staycation

Some may wonder why people are preferring Staycations when compared to traditional vacations. There are some interesting reasons for people to choose a staycation to unwind and spend their weekend. We are highlighting those reasons right below to provide a better understanding and more clarity to our readers.

Saves Time

Since people can save time by driving to their destinations or even walking to their hotel they get more time to just enjoy their short vacation and get back to their homes on time. A lot of time is saved on travel and planning alone. There is no need to spend many hours on a train or car. That makes it more attractive for the people who value time.

Saves Money

A staycation can definitely help to save money by eliminating unnecessary trip expenses. Since it is already the local area, most people would know about the local hotels and restaurants available in their vicinity. You will not be taken by surprise by any high price and currency conversion issues.

Even if you need something you can always get back to your home and save money. Most hotels in Hong Kong are promoting staycations and are also providing special offers. Some people are also booking online and that helps them to choose the best offers and save more; just like stores offering special discounts for customers doing online shopping in Hong Kong.

Can Help to Protect and Save the Environment

The airlines leave an enormous carbon footprint which is not good for the environment. In that case, people who walk or even cycle to their destination are being carbon neutral. The whole world is focused on making this earth a better and safer place for the coming generations. Also lesser travel and lesser waste generation due to shorter trips and stays help to save the environment in the longer run.


Cool Ideas to Enjoy Your Staycation

Everybody knows about the benefits of taking time off work to relax and recharge themselves. But many would not have the time or the funds to enjoy a fancy vacation. So this list of cool ideas will enable you to enjoy your staycation to the fullest.

Put your phones on silent mode

Do not keep browsing on your phone when you are on a staycation. It may increase stress and make you still feel at work or at home. Hence it is essential to only use it for important tasks or to find something interesting to do during your staycation. Focus on staying relaxed and enjoying your staycation.


Enjoy some time at the Spa

A Spa is a great place to unwind and rejuvenate your life. It provides great relaxation to the body and mind. Try to go to the Spa on the first day of your staycation to enjoy and recharge yourselves for the rest of your staycation. Do your hair, nails and facial to look fresh and beautiful. When you relax and look good it automatically boosts your mood to feel good.


Go for a Hike

There is no better way to enjoy your vacation than to go for a hike. If there is any good hiking spot nearby then it would be a great time to explore those places and feel connected with nature. It will strengthen your muscles and provide good exercise for the body too. Hiking with family and friends would definitely be a great idea. Fresh oxygen outdoors can do wonders to your mood and body.


Read some good vacation book

Choose something light and inspiring to lighten the mood and motivate you to relax. Stay away from difficult works of fiction and non-fiction. Avoid those serious topics since you are on vacation mode. Do not compromise on other entertainment and just stay stuck to your book, since that would make it a dampener. Let your imagination run wild; while your brain takes a break.


Spend quality time with the kids

Sometimes due to our busy schedules, we may not be able to spend quality time with our kids. A staycation can provide that much-needed break to connect with your kids in a better way and play different games with them. The kids can put on a talent show or give a live performance like singing or dancing. This will lighten the atmosphere and bring happiness to the whole family.


Plan a movie-themed dinner

A great movie-themed dinner with family would be a great way to spend time at the staycation. It will be a fun time with pizzas, burgers, french fries, grilled platter and other snacks. Also, choose a light-hearted movie if you are watching with the family. Good food and a good movie can make your time truly memorable. Make something on a skewer or grill some good stuff to satisfy your cravings and feel blissful.

Make sure that you are not being dependent on the internet for streaming the movie. If the net goes down, it will end up soiling the experience. To be on the safe side, download the movie that you want to see from the pirate bay and then save it on a pen drive. This will ensure that no interruptions because of network take place.


Go for Swimming

Swimming is a cool way to relax those muscles and the body. It can also be a good stress-buster while softly exercising those muscles. Find a good less crowded pool or beach depending on the place and choose to enjoy your swimming time.


Play some soft music and light some candles

This is a romantic way to spend some quality time with your spouse. Soft music and candles can do wonders during your staycation. It can change your mood and feelings instantly to celebrate your love and life on a high note. Choose the right kind of music that everyone enjoys and not some dull boring ones. This can change the entire atmosphere of the place and make it feel like a dreamland. Using scented candles will elevate your mood and senses.


Go for a bike ride or horse ride

Taking a ride on a bike or a horse is a splendid way to feel the cool breeze and explore the local place. It is also an exercise that can help you to recharge your body and soul. A bike ride is a good exercise for your legs and also good for the environment. If you love spending time with horses then a horse ride is worth the time spent.
Have a campfire

The staycation can also be a time to enjoy a nice campfire with dear ones. You can sing songs and play games while staying warm and cosy near the fire. Plan the location and keep all the essential stuff ready to avoid wasting time unnecessarily.



Along with all the activities we have mentioned; you can also visit the local museum or stroll through the streets for some casual shopping. Maintain the social distancing norms as required by the government to stay safe during the pandemic time. Explore the nearby towns, cities and rural areas to create a memorable staycation with family or friends. We hope you will enjoy these activities during your staycation and make it a truly memorable experience in your life.