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The List of Top Football Scholarships in 2022 in the US

The United States puts tremendous effort into sports. The country is diverse, encompassing lots of sports and people who love playing them. Football is one of such types. Moreover, this sport is the most financed in the US, with hundreds of thousands of students playing it on different levels.

The prevalence of football makes competition ferocious, and that is apparent not only during matches but also when applying for scholarships. Scholarships help people keep their heads above water, as many players are students of various degrees. Financial reimbursement helps them spend equally enough time studying and playing, not bothering about a job to cover some expenses. Below, you will find some crucial information on eligibility and submission criteria, followed by the top football scholarships in 2022 in the United States.


In a Nutshell about Eligibility and Submission Criteria

First and foremost, it would be reasonable to mention that scholarships are different in many terms. Not only do they differ in the amount of financial support they provide, but they also have various sources of contributors, which makes every program unique. This uniqueness primarily manifests in the application process, meaning scholarships have different eligibility and submission criteria. What one program may require in the first place can be unnecessary for another scholarship application.

With that being said, there are still several elements every application shares with one another. So, regarding the eligibility criteria, scholarships tend to require candidates to:

  • Be of legal age
  • Be a student of an accredited educational institution
  • Be a citizen of the US or hold a permanent residence

The submission criteria are not too demanding, as football scholarships primarily focus on applicants’ physical capacities. Yet, everyone needs to:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Attach an official transcript of records
  • Submit a personal statement explaining why they are the best fit for the program

The last criterion might seem to be merely off, but the committee enormously benefits from such a paper, for it helps them evaluate students’ viewpoints and way of thinking. Notably, a writing assignment has helped many applicants receive a scholarship. Learn more about writing a personal statement by visiting WriteMyEssayOnline. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at the most promising football scholarships in the US in the upcoming year.


NCAA Divisions

It goes without saying that scholarships provided by the NCAA are the most prestigious and financially rewarding. However, they are also the most challenging to receive. The program was founded over a century ago. And ever since, it has helped lots of students pursue their dream, playing football on a professional and semi-professional level. The NCAA comprises three divisions. They are as follows:

  • NCAA Division I: The first Division is top of the top. It includes the best and high-ranked schools like UCLA, Stanford, Michigan, Duke, etc. Other than that, it’s the most generous in terms of scholarships. Here, they can be full-ride and partial. The amounts can reach even $20,000 annually! Be that as it may, the competition existing there is hard to describe; despite thousands of players in the Division, only 85 full-time scholarship programs are available.
  • NCAA Division II: The second Division covers smaller public and private academic institutions. Clearly, they have more limited funds allocated to the Division. Still, they are ahead of most football scholarships. Also, unlike the first Division, here coaches have to focus on multi-faceted players, whose employed skills can be of great use at many positions on the field. The organization also endorses a list of scholarships for the second division players. They are the Jim McKay Scholarship, NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship, and Walter Byers Scholarship.
  • NCAA Division III: The third Division is a bit limited, i.e., it doesn’t provide A-level scholarships, even though there are often players whose performance is tantamount to those from Division I and II. Rather, the program focuses on academically-gifted people that show outstanding athletic results. It allows colleges to build well-rounded football teams and fill their campuses with great minds.


The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Football Scholarships

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA for short) provides excellent scholarship opportunities for way more schools than the previous organization – the NAIA offers an alternative for over 250 educational institutions. While, of course, those programs are incomparable in financial support and high profile schools coverage, the NAIA is still an excellent program for those who stand out academically and athletically.

Likewise, the NAIA is a centralized organization, meaning it regulates all aspects at every participating school, allowing every member institution to grant 24 full-tuition football scholarships. However, it lets schools break down these 24 scholarships into the full ride, half, and quarterback programs to attract as many students as possible.

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The National Junior College Athletics Association

The National Junior College Athletics Association (NJCAA) covers twice as many colleges as the NAIA. The organization focuses on community college attendees who, for some reason, can’t enter the university. Although the NJCAA offers stellar opportunities, there isn’t much competition there, mainly because many prefer to try their chances applying for the NAIA or NCAA scholarships.

Nonetheless, the NJCAA might come in handy for those who have fantastic athletic capabilities but rather want to pursue a degree. Besides, the great thing about the NJCAA is that it doesn’t strictly regulate its member schools. Every participating institution has unique programs. So it’s best to contact the member school’s athletic department and ask for more details on football scholarships.


Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program

The Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program has helped talented young athletes for over ten years. The program focuses on proactive players who demonstrate outstanding results on the field and in everyday life. The committee judges every candidate based on their moral character, sportsmanship, and academic excellence. Every applicant should also prove to be valuable to the community they live in.

Last but not least, candidates must come from various backgrounds, which only motivated and helped them become what they are when applying for the scholarship. The Foot Locker Scholar Athletes Program offers each recipient $20,000 that can be used in different ways: covering tuition, purchasing athletic equipment, or contributing to the community.