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These Bubble Shooter Facts Will Shock You

These Bubble Shooter Facts Will Shock You

Bubble shooter is a simple and uncomplicated game and it may seem like a cakewalk to play and win this seemingly easy game. But it has more to it than you can realise. The bubble shooter game is fun and has a lot of elements in it that make the game exciting. And the best part about the bubble shooter game is that it has a challenging aspect to it. And when there are challenges, there are tricks that players can use to score well in the game. In this post, we will try to educate you on some tricky facts that will be helpful when you are playing a bubble shooter download game.

A Bit About the Game:

Bubble shooter is an arcade game that has managed to make the leap from the gaming parlours of public recreational spaces to your mobile screens. The popularity of this game among people made the developers think and they managed to design and develop the online version of the game. Of late, all major online gaming platforms have the game available where players can play online, challenge other players and win big in cash.

Anyone who is a fan of rigorous gaming experience should not miss out on the engaging game of bubble shooters. The vibrant colour palette used in the game gives out a hearty and joyful mood to the player and they are instantly driven towards the game. Since the game is devoid of any kind of violence or drama, it cuts down on the stress level and is a great stress reliever. And this is a major reason why this game is winning hearts and is available on all major gaming platforms and apps.

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How to Play Bubble Shooter?

The bubble shooter game is simple. The player basically has to shoot bubbles with some other bubbles and the goal is to destroy as many bubbles as possible. The player needs to coordinate the colours of the bubble and shoot bubbles of the same colour as that of the cannon to earn more points.

If playing on a PC, you can use the mouse to shoot the bubbles into the bubble, and when using a mobile you should use your finger to aim and shoot the bubbles. When you shoot three or more bubbles of the same colour, the bubbles explode earning you a point. The more the bubble you match and explode, the more points you gain and the more chances of winning.

However, in contrast to most other mobile and online games, the bubbles shooter game is a soothing and relaxing one and all the elements of the game, the sound, the music, and the colour helps in relaxing the anxiety and soothes the mind.


Fun Facts or Tips for the Bubble Shooter Game:

  • Needless to say, the major goal of a bubble shooter game is to clear the puzzle by shooting the bubbles. And you can do this either by shooting and popping bubbles or by detaching the bubbles from the puzzle. When the bubbles are no longer connected to the other bubbles they lose the connection and fall down to explode. This trick can help you achieve significant points as more number bubbles will be destroyed with minimum use of shots.
  • The other trick can be to try to shoot the bubbles at the wall. This will help the bubbles to bounce and change their course. This change of trajectory can help in shooting the bubbles that are otherwise out of reach when shooting straight. The walls are an important part of the game and you should wisely use them to score better in a bubble shooter game. You should try your luck in aiming for the walls so that the bubble bounce and make your job easier of exploding the bubbles.
  • Another trick with the walls can be to aim between the walls where a double or triple bounce will take place. This change in trajectory will help to break a barrier of bubbles near your weapon. This is an effective trick that helps to clear the puzzle and aim you right at the centre.
  • Opt for constructing a clear path for your shot. In a game of bubble shooter, the player is equipped with limited shots and so should handle the weapon tactfully. One way could be to construct a clear path to aim for a group of bubbles weather than shooting or popping individual bubbles. The plan should be to aim for the upper rows and deconstruct the bubble and shoot them into groups.
  • If you are planning to use good use of walls, you should try to keep your walls clear and for that, you should begin your game by aiming for the lateral bubbles. Once you clear the lateral bubbles you also get the big groups of bubbles in the centre that allows you a better shot.


Wrapping Up

These were some of the fun facts or tricks that can be of great help while playing a bubble shooter game. If you have already done a bubble shooter download, try optimizing these tricks and see for yourself how the game becomes more fun and easier to score more points. Download the game today and start playing.