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Top 10 Saas Companies in Dubai

Dubai is a global business hub and also a leading technology center in Middle East. Dubai is witnessing an great rise in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. SaaS companies which are located in Dubai are transforming and innovating the tech space of Dubai and taking it to new heights. They are also providing top notch solutions to businesses across various kind of spaces and industries.

Software as a service or SAAS is a software kind of model in which a cloud provider hosts some application or software and make them available to users over the Internet. In this business model some independent software vendors or some companies can also contact the 3rd party cloud provider to host the software service or application and making them available to end users. It can be used by a normal person and a company but majorly it is used in a company. Some of the common example of SAAS or software as a service is Dropbox, Google Workspace, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and many more, the list is endless.


In this article we will get to know about the Best SAAS company in Dubai:

1- Fetchr: Fetchr is a SAAS company which focuses on providing technology-driven courier and logistics services to the companies and the users. Their SaaS platform are using an advance algorithms and mobile technology. They also offer on-demand package delivery services. Thyis innovative approach of Fetchr has transformed the last-mile logistics while also providing businesses with efficient and effective reliable delivery solutions.

2- Property Finder: Property Finderis an real estate platform developed as a SAAS in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The SAAS platform of Property finer connects the property buyers, sellers, and renters while providing them a property listings, analytics, and market insights service. Property Finder’s company has revolutionized the real estate space in Dubai.

3- Careem: Careem is founded in Dubai and has been acquired by Uber. Careem is a popular ride-hailing and delivery platform in Dubai and worldwide. Their SAAS software enables the users to connect with the transportation and the delivery services. It also provide them comfort and reliability. They have transformed the urban mobility in Dubai.

4- Bayzat: Bayzat is a company which provides a cloud-based platform for human resources (HR) and employee benefits. Their SAAS solution offers features such as HR administration, payroll, leave management, and employee self-service to the companies. This technology simplifies the work of HR, while enabling the businesses to control and manage their workforces effectively and efficiently.

5- Sheraa: Sheraa is a Software as a Service company which is based in Sharjah. It is a platform which helps the startups and entrepreneurs in whole UAE. They helps in working and nurturing of businesses which are woking as a SAAS in Dubai. Sheraa increase the growth of innovative driven businesses by funding them, mentoring and providing them resources to nurture.

6- Beehive: Beehive is the first regulated P2P lending platform in UAE. Their SAAS platform connects businesses who are seeking finance with the investors. It offers them an alternative to traditional lending channels. It helps and provide access of funding for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Dubai. This ultimately leads to drive an economic growth of the country and empowering the businesses.

7- Souqalmal: Souqalmal is a website which allows the uses to create a financial comparison DUBAI. The SAAS platform of Souqalmal offers users with personalized financial advice, the product comparisons, and online tools for managing the personal finance of people. Souqalmal’s technology helps consumers to make an informed decisions about financial products and services offered in Dubai.

8- Mumzworld: Mumzworld is the largest e-commerce platform in Dubai and whole UAE which provides products related to the Baby care and mothercare. Their SAAS software offers a wide range of products, recommendations of the products, and amazing shopping features. Mumzworld’s platform has transformed the retail experience for parents with kids in Dubai while providing a convenient shopping platform.

9- As the name suggests, is an online marketplace for buying and selling used cars in Dubai. Their SAAS platform helps the users to sell and purchase used cars quickly and conveniently.’s technology has disrupted the market of old style buy and sale of cars in offline market. This provides an hassle-free experience to the users.

10- Dabur International: Dabur International is a leading consumer goods (FMCG) company in the Duabi across UAE. It’s not an SAAS company but Dabur has adopted the SAAS solution from various aspects of their business to ensure the great user experience. They have excelled by the use of SAAS on various space such as supply chain management and customer relationship management (CRM). Their tech-driven approach has improved their operational efficiency and customer engagement.



The Dubai’s SaaS industry is improving day by day and with the help of these businesses, the tech industry of Dubai especially those who has integrated SAAS in their businesses have an upper hand and are running their businesses efficiently. These have empowered businesses, enhanced their customer experiences, and has driven excellent economic growth.