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Top 10 SAAS Companies In Singapore

Singapore is known as the global hub of the tech and innovations. When it comes to the SAAS tech, Singapore has seen an enormous transformation by offering the high end SAAS services to the companies from all around the world. This article will tell about the top SAAS companies in Singapore. We will showcase their contributions in Singapore and all over the world.

1- Grab: Grab is the best SAAS company of Singapore and has made up with the Superapp in whole South east ASIA. Headquartered in Singapore, Grab offers wide range of services to their customers. These services includes Food Delivery app known as Grabfood, Grabpay which is made for doing Online Payments, and GrabExpress which has been made for logistics on demand. Grab has a vast uer base and ecosystem..

2- TradeGecko: TradeGecko is a company based in Singapore. They provides a cloud-based inventory management system for businesses dealing in e-commerce. Their SAAS platform works in inventory tracking, order management, and fulfillment processes. This helps the businesses to scale thor operations and optimizing them.

The TradeGecko’s website interface offers great features which made them a greatly liked company all over the world.

3- Deskera: The third company on our list is Deskera. Deskera is a Singaporean SaaS company that offers a space of business software apps. Their offers include solutions for accounting, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and human resource management (HRM). Deskera’s site is user friendly which also makes it a good choice among businesses. Many Small & Medium-sized companies (SMEs) are their clients as well.

4- CXA Group: CXA Group is another SAAS company in our list. They are , headquartered in Singapore, while offering their services in providing employee benefits and wellness solutions through its SaaS platform. Their SAAS platform offers personalized insurance coverage, health and wellness programs, and benefits admin tools. The data driven tool used by the SXA group has made them leader in the industry of employee benefits.

5- JustCo: JustCo, a Singapore-based company offering a flexible workspace platform integrated by the SAAS. They offers businesses to connect with the co working spaces. This leads to providing flexible office working hours, meeting rooms and spaces for events.

In a nutshell, they aims to simplifying the workspace management which enables the businesses to adapt to changing the needs and collaborate with other at a faster rate.

6- EngageRocket: The another SAAS company EngageRocket is headquartered in Singapore. This has been made to provides a SaaS platform for employee feedback and analytics.The Engagerocket’s platform helps the organizations and businesses to collect the data of an employee and analysing them in order to improve the engagement of the brand. This will also lead to increase in Performance, Retention and more. Over the years, engagerocket has made their names by building a positive image and goodwill among the companies from all over the world.

7- ReferralCandy: The 6th SAAS company on our list is ReferralCandy.It offers a referral marketing platform that enables businesses acquire new customers through word-of-mouth marketing & through referrals. Their SaaS solution allows their clients to create and track referral campaigns, giving incentives to their existing customers to refer their friends and family. As the name suggest, ReferralCandy’s focuses on websites and app to create and market their referral programmes. This platform has proven themselves effective in driving customer acquisition and boosting the sales of their clients.

8- Nugit: Nugit is a SAAS company which is based in Singapore. They specializes in data storytelling and analytics. Their platform automates data analysis and reporting, transforming complex data into easy-to-understand visual narratives. The solution and services of Nugit offers the businesses to drive valuable information from their data drive decisions.

9- TradeHero: TradeHero is a SAAS company that offers a virtual trading platform for people who are having keen interests in stock market. Their platform allows users to place a trade in the stock market, SIP’s, Investing & people can also learn about investment strategies without risking real money. Their stock market leaning feature has got them a great customer base.

10- Carousell: Carousell is a popular online marketplace platform that connects buyers and sellers. It was initially started as a C2C platform but has expanded its business into the B2C & B2B business. They have a user-friendly interface and have become one of the leading players in the e-commerce industry.


Singapore’s SaaS industry is reaching to it’s peak which has been driven by the innovation and entrepreneurship spirit of these top companies. With their user solutions and customer-centric approaches, these SAAS companies are shaping the digital space in Singapore. As Singapore continues to foster a supportive ecosystem for tech startups, these companies are at the forefront of driving digital innovations, empowering businesses, and enriching the lives of other businesses and people from all around the world through their SAAS offerings. Unlike other countries, company registration in Singapore is simple and free of red tape, which makes the country even more attractive to foreign tech startup businesses looking to expand their company offshore.