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Top 5 Best IP Address Lookup Tools & Services (2022) 

Top 5 Best IP Address Lookup Tools & Services

Whether you are the business owner or running a small side agency, knowing your visitors’ experience is a secret sauce to boost your ROI and double the revenue. And for that purpose, using a handy but highly effective IP Address Lookup tool is a must. You can also find IP Address tracking tools to evaluate different websites (usually your competitor’s) and get more insights about your visitor’s experience to increase the sales ratio.

Moreover, if you manage a large network, IP Address Lookup Tools help you keep a smooth track record of all the addresses within your network. Thus, you can troubleshoot issues and connect with the majority easily.

No matter what your reasons are for finding the IP Address Lookup Tool, we have compiled a list of the 5 best IP Location Lookup Tools with a quick overview. So, you can instantly find the tool and start searching for IP Addresses.


IP Location Io

We have selected Iplocationio as the number one IP Location Lookup tool because of its simplified interface and fastest IP lookup functionality. With a bundle of other features, it allows you to find IP address location details.

Connected with worldwide servers, provides comprehensive location details with respective domain hostings. It also allows you to find countries that cannot access specific domains.

Along with custom DNS servers to test different accessible areas, Iplocationio gives the exact domain’s geolocation. Plus, it summarizes other details, such as ISP, latitude, and longitude.

Iplocationio IP Location Lookup tool is the easiest way to instantly find device/network locations without paying a penny. Moreover, Iplocationio is a value-packed platform where you can find multiple tools.


Top Features/ Services and Tools

  • IP location lookup
  • Extract IP Addresses
  • IP to Hostname
  • Reverse IP Lookup
  • IP, IPv6, IPv4, and ASN WHOIS Lookup
  • Local IPv6 Address Generator
  • Check Your IP Address

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Advanced IP Scanner

Compared to, Advanced IP Scanner possess relatively fewer features. It’s also a free tool developed by Famatech Corp. The Advanced IP Scanner’s latest version is designed only for windows (operating systems).

Despite its name, the tool is quite simple to use. To scan various IP addresses, you simply need to enter the IP address either manually or using a text file.

After scanning, the Advanced IP Scanner provides a report with Mac address, hostname, and network interface vendor details. You can also export the results to CSV.

Additionally, Advanced IP Scanner offers different features to the users, including control of devices remotely (both switching on and off of computers). The control is governed via Radmin and RDP.

However, Advanced IP Scanner requires downloading the software to process scanning, which might seem like a drawback compared to other tools.

Top Features/ Services and Tools

  • IP location details
  • Network vendor
  • Mac address
  • Hostname
  • IP address scanning


What Is My IP Address

Do not go with its name because WhatIsMyIPAddress helps you find various IP locations and map with physical location details, IP address tracking or tracing, email-based IP address tracking, IP Hostname lookup, speed tests, proxy check, graphical and visual trace-route.

WhatIsMyIPAddress offers free services such as proxy assessment, breach identification, and blacklist check. Along with these, it also offers VPN services to maintain privacy and user security.

Moreover, being one of the most famous IP address tools globally, WhatIsMyIPAddress holds its place and offers quality tools to the users. With its no-price services such as IP location, tracking, breach checking, and others, you can use them conveniently.

Top Features/ Services and Tools

  • Proxy assessment
  • Breach identification
  • Blacklist check
  • VPN Services
  • IP tracking/tracing
  • IP Location Lookup
  • Visual Trace-route
  • Speed Test

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SolarWinds IP Address Tracker

You might have heard about SolarWinds, a platform that develops one of the best applications for your software problems. With a wide range of SolarWind’s free tools, you can manage multiple network administrative tasks.

Among its huge software applications, SolarWinds IP Address Tracker simply tracks down IP addresses up to 254 (both installations and local networks).

Consequently, it provides all the details about different conflicts related to IP addresses. This tool uses automated IP scanning to instantly identify or detect the conflict in IP addresses and notify quickly.

The only flaw you’ll find is its incompetency in becoming an all-rounder business solution. With no DHCP and DNS servers, you have to solve the conflicts all by yourself.

Top Features/ Services and Tools

  • Detection of IP addresses conflicts/errors
  • IP location and tracking
  • Simple and Comprehensive reporting
  • Historical IP location trends

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Geotek IP Checker

The last IP address lookup tool in our list is a classic development of Geotek. This Geotek IP Checker is an all-in-one IP address lookup tool that provides details of IP locations, domain providers, owners, IP addresses, and websites.

Additionally, Geotek IP Checker provides the Arin number (contact information) of the respective IP address from all around the world. It also offers other services such as virus scanning, geolocation REST APIs and port checking (UDP and TCP).

  • Top Features/ Services and Tools
  • IP location
  • Names of domain providers
  • Virus scanner
  • UDP and TCP port check
  • Geolocation REST APIs


Wrapping Up

The IP Address Lookup tools help businesses increase their sales and skyrocket their ROIs by analyzing various domains and providing users with authentic and accurate location information.

Moreover, to help you find the best tool of all time to help reduce your network responsibilities, we have ranked as the most flexible and convenient tool. So, without further ado, click and find the IP location lookup results instantly using IP Location Lookup Tool. See you…