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Earn Up To $1000 A Month By Accepting Guest Posts

Is your blog capable of more than just sharing your knowledge and engaging with others? To suggest that running a blog site is unprofitable is an understatement. You invested your time, energy, and awareness, so it should be rewarding. So, if you have a high-authority blog/site, you can now start making money out of it with the help of a lucrative marketing technique. Various bits of monetization advice may well be heard from time to time. However, we would like to share one of the most profitable blog monetization strategies with you- Guest Posting

Allowing guest posts from external writers has helped many blog sites such as Tech Crunch, Life Hacker, and Mashable make a lot of money.  This marketing strategy has gained them not just a wide following, but also market credibility and repute. It has helped blog owners earn money online.

Let’s look at how you can fast and easily be paid for your blog site and earn up to $1000 monthly by just allowing people to post their unique and value-adding content on your blog site. .


Let’s Talk About Guest Posting 

Writing guest posts is among the most effective strategies to increase one’s online visibility.

This part of the story is not surprising to us. It is something that most of us are already familiar with. But not everybody is aware of the benefits for the blog site owner who accepts guest posts on his website. People hardly discuss that.

If you have a blog or any other form of online presence, you will certainly receive requests to write posts and articles for yourself. These requests are often sent by writers you and your business have no association with. And, in the majority of the cases, they will not even seek compensation for their contribution.  This is called guest posting.

Guest posting is more popular than ever before since it rewards everyone involved. The person who writes the guest post earns excellent visibility for his business offerings  and backlinks from relevant sites, while the blog owner enjoys free and fresh content to help grow the blog.

The Guest Posting process benefits different people, including site owners, businesses, content writers, proofreaders, editors, SEO agencies, web developers, and graphic designers.

If you are a source who accepts guest posts from other bloggers or marketers, you can make good money. This method can profit both bloggers and business owners who have blogs on their websites.


Blog Monetization By Allowing Guest Posts

It takes strategy and know-how to monetize a blog, but before you can start making money from it, you need to make sure it’s properly set up and optimized. Your blog and domain should have authority and the content you post on your blog should be of the highest quality. 

Essentially, you will expose your blog site to various users who are motivated to contribute content. You only have to move forward as a publisher.

As a publisher, you become someone who can submit guest articles to a blog or website and also can support dofollow or nofollow links in their content when publishing it. You consent to your source publishing third-party blog articles. 

You will earn money if you accept paid guest posting on your blog. And you are free to request this money as you see fit. You set the price in exchange. Finally, this is how you profit.


The Whole Process Is Not So Complex

You can either charge each post submission or design a subscription plan that allows guests to pay in advance.

  • Per post charge
  • Subscription package for bulk posts

This is the most dependable and simple approach to generate money from your website/blog. The fee charged for guest posting varies greatly. There are several aspects to consider. A host with a higher domain authority will be compensated more.

For example, if you have a domain authority of 30 or higher and 10,000 – 100,000 monthly visitors, you can easily charge a publication fee of $100 – $150You can also join a guest posting service, for example- Adsy, as a publisher and add your website/blog link. You can add a single site or a group of sites. Remember that having many websites boosts your chances of making money.

Include all pertinent information about your website, as well as the fee you will charge for accepting guest posts. Your site will be visible and ready to accept posts from users once it has been approved. That implies you will get guest posts from other bloggers and marketers to place on your site, and you can monetize your site.

However, you shouldn’t just accept guest posts at random.  Instead, you should accept posts and deliver genuine value to your readers. Otherwise, the quality of your blog will diminish, and your visitors will go elsewhere.


Other Perks Of Accepting Guest Posts

Allowing guest posts lets you systematically and continuously build your blog. You will gain access to content that is both qualitative and relevant to your niche in this manner. This could result in great improvements.

Those who consistently publish articles on their blog have 55% more traffic and 494% more indexed pages than those without a blog, according to a Hubspot study. As a result, the more content you have, the more pages will get indexed.

Further, the importance of content quality remains one of Google’s most important ranking factors. Google considers you a trustworthy source if you constantly update your blog with value-adding and relevant content. This has a significantly positive impact on your SERP rankings once more.



Guest posting is a fantastic way to monetize your website or blog. You will not just earn profits, but also grow your site with fresh and quality posts and boost your SERP rankings.

Your guest bloggers can also help you with your marketing efforts. Get the most out of their experience, time, and writing talents. Don’t put it off any longer. It’s time you begin accepting high-quality guest post requests on your blog.