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What is Web Hosting and How Does It Work: Making Online Presence

Do you want to learn something new? If you are curious to do so then let me help you. It is always interesting to go with some new strategies. One such thing is to start a website. This can be a very simple task when you choose the right platform. That is Hostinger. But before that, you need to understand so many things and one such thing is to learn what is web hosting and how it works.

You must be thinking what is this? Let me start from the beginning, when you come to a website you see it and like it. But do you how it works? There are so many internal things that help you understand how to launch a website. For this, you need to understand what is web hosting and then you need to choose the best hosting platform for yourself. Now comes the main point. To go with the best plan you need to check out deals on the Hostinger so that you can choose the web host provider.

So, let’s not wait here, and scroll down so that we can understand what is web hosting and how it works.


What is Web Hosting and How Does it Work

Web hosting forms the foundations of your website on the internet. Buying a web hosting program will provide you with a physical server where you can save all your files. Web hosts keep your website secure. They make sure to keep your website operational. Web hosts provide your website content that is visible to browsers. So now let us understand what is web hosting and how does it works.


Types of Web Hosting

There are various types of web hosting. Let me tell you one important thing: there are various types of hosting services to choose from Hostinger. But if you have any confusion then let me help you with it. Here are the different types of hosting that you can choose for yourselves. Let’s go more deep into it: 

Shared Server

It is the famous form of hosting and presumably the most suitable fit for most website proprietors. One of the great benefits of this type of hosting is that it is very affordable. If you own short to no funding, you can always make a shared hosting job for you.

The explanation that is so reasonable is that you’re transferring server help with hundreds to thousands of sites. So here instead of paying the price for the entire server, your bill is divided into many. 

VPS Hosting

It is a significantly different type of hosting service used by many people. It operates a technical procedure called virtualization to make a virtual reliable server. Nevertheless, it still draws resources from numerous physical servers that are being shared by other users.

The main advantage of VPS hosting is that you can access the server when you desire. So, you can even check the plans for VPS hosting on Hostinger.  

Dedicated Server

With this type of hosting, you’re leasing an absolute physical server. This indicates no sharing of help with users. Because of these things dedicated hosting is much more expensive. But, owning a complete server with yourself delivers you excellent levels of version and storage. Plus you will have the accessibility to customize the website whenever you want. 

Cloud Hosting

It is unusual in that you’re operating virtual hardware. Your complete hosting environment has a part in the cloud. This rather new type of hosting has been raising a lot of popularity nowadays. Many are going with this type of hosting with Hostinger.

To begin, it’s cost-efficient. With this hosting, you just have to pay for the server aids you employ. It even has awesome reliability. If a cloud server group isn’t working properly, there are chances that your website will move to another server.


Understanding The Need For It

Web hosting is like owning a place of yours. Here you can store all your files. Individuals can visit your website. Without web hosting, your website won’t be visible to anyone. Web hosting providers have the tools to keep your website running. Not only that, they make sure of its availability to users. They take care of the safety standards. If you own a personal blog or business website, web hosting makes it available to people all over the world. But if you are starting a website then here are some of the steps to follow so that you can select the best provider from Hostinger.


5 Steps to Host a Website 

Let’s peek at the five stages of hosting a website! 

Select Your Hosting Provider

Pick a hosting provider that satisfies your demands. There are several types of hosting assistance. For example, cloud, dedicated, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and shared hosting. Before making your decision, know the requirements of your website, like, traffic or storage. For this, I recommend you to go with the Hostinger so that you can get various facilities. 

Enlist Domain Name

A domain name is the online address for your website. It’s important to choose a domain that aligns with your website’s content. Your domain name should improve your online branding. Your domain should be simple yet impressive for visitors. Finally, it is like your digital identity, so choose it wisely! 

Put Up Your Website

Set your website properly. Only then you will be able to host it. It needs coding sometimes or you can use website builders like WordPress. The best thing is that along with the web host, you can even get a WordPress developer along in Hostinger. As you complete setting up your website, you can make it live with the help of web hosting. Browsers will be able to see it after you make it live. 

Configure DNS Settings

Putting up DNS configurations is important to the process of your website. It connects your domain name to your hosting server. Pick a hosting company and get their DNS information first. Sign into the online control panel delivered by your domain registrar. To modify DNS records, locate the DNS management section. Make sure everything is working properly by testing your website. DNS configuration is vital to guaranteeing that your website is visible to all browsers.

Live Your Website

To create your website live you must upload your website’s files to your hosting server. Make sure the files on your website are arranged correctly and that the name of your primary web page is index.html.


Tips to Choose Your Web Hosting Partner

Though Hostinger is one of the best platforms to pick your site there are some things that you need to check: 

Find Out Your Requirements

When you are choosing your web hosting provider, understand your requirements. It is very important to stay clear about your needs. So that you know that your web hosting provider will be able to cater the same for you.  

Make sure to Choose the Right One

There are lots of variants of web hosting providers. Learn about them and what differentiates them. Once you learn about the Hostinger, only then you will be able to choose the best one for your website. There are various materials available on the internet to learn from. 


Choose the most credible one. Your web hosting provider must help you when in need. User experience decides the traffic on your page. So make sure to choose the credible one. That will help you with your website.

Costing and Customer Support

Before choosing your web hosting provider, decide your budget. After you decide on your budget check for the provider’s fees. Keep an eye out for hidden charges. Make sure your web hosting providers have an effective client support system. So that if there are any cyber hazards, you can connect with them. The best part about Hostinger is that they will be available 24/7 to provide their assistance.



Before beginning with your website the major thing to study is what kind of web hosting service you need. For this, you need to go through what web hosting is, its uses, and the different types of hosting platforms. Then comes the challenge of selecting the best hosting platform for yourself so that you can grow the site. Before you purchase the plan you need to check the plan as well to ensure that there are no hidden charges. But with Hostinger you will be able to plan everything smoothly and stress-free. I hope now you understand what is web hosting and how does it works.