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What Type of Smartwatch Can I Wear for Sports?

The smartwatch has become a very coveted accessory which is generally used by athletes. Like all watches available on the market, it gives you the time and date. However, in addition to this common function, a smartwatch is equipped with many applications that are very useful in everyday life. Among these additional features are receiving and playing messages, answering calls, music player and many more. If you know where to look, you can definitely customize the functionality of a smartwatch to suit your preferences.

Sports Watches Have Revolutionized… But So Have Connected Watches!

Today, there are different types of watches, including sports watches, mechanical watches, fashion watches or even connected watches. Sports watches have played a very important role in the lives of athletes. On top of that, the manufacturers made sure that they came with even more features and hence added barometers, heart rate monitors as well as GPS tracking function into their system. In fact, they made sure to meet all the needs of an athlete.


Can a Smartwatch Replace a Sports Watch?

In this modern world, sports watches have become the affirmation of a new lifestyle, worn during training or on a professional occasion. They also educate the world about your priorities and your lifestyle. Also, aside from timing races, sports watches have created new trends in the world, where athletes and activists wear oversized watches for a large number of readable numbers. But today there are connected watches that are equipped with sports functions, and thanks to their intelligence, help athletes even more in their daily life.

Smartwatches are small, portable devices that are made from classic timepieces. It is a type of portable device with a wide array of features that reduce the amount of gadgets to carry around at one time. They can be worn anywhere, no matter what type of activity you are doing. Yes, whether you practice swimming or cycling, a connected watch has been designed to adapt to this kind of situation.

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Our Selections of Connected Watches for your Sports Activities

In the world we live in, it’s important to stay connected. Connected watches combine the functionality and characteristics of a smartphone with the basic elements of a wristwatch. Their portability increases their ease of use, and the fact that they can be worn ensures easy access allowing the user to stay informed.

Added to this, they are equipped with applications that can really help amateurs and professionals in the accomplishment of their sports activities. Athletes, wondering which smartwatch would be perfect for you? We have selected these watches for you to meet your needs and expectations.


Myko® Connected Watch: Skillful and Sporty

Optimize your sports performance with this Myko connected watch. Indeed, equipped with features to help you assess your physical performance or even a stopwatch, this magnificent watch will be your perfect trainer. Thanks to its smart features, it will guide you during your workouts so that you can progress and exceed your limits.

Waterproof and with a unique design, this watch will accompany you wherever you go and will adapt to any style of dress whether on the field or even at a formal party.


GLORY ™ Smartwatch: Trendy and Sporty

With a modern design, this Glory connected watch is unisex. Thanks to its neutral appearance, it could match with all your outfits, whether you have a sporty look or whatever. Lightweight and with great power, this watch will not get in the way of your sports activities. In addition, it contains a swimming, hiking and cycling mode. With this Glory connected watch, stay informed about your performance!

     Styleaa ™ watch: connected and unisex

Equipped with an LED screen and swivel, this connected watch would be your perfect assistant when you start training. Equipped with a large, high resolution 0.96 ” screen, it is easy to handle. It is possible to switch from one mode to another. Plus, thanks to the size of its screen, you can see everyone showing up even while running. In addition to that, depending on your position, the screen will rotate automatically.


You can also take a look at our Catalog for even more choices of Sports Smartwatches for Women or Men.

Do you still want to see other models? Scroll through our store. We have a wide range of excellent quality sports connected watches that perfectly meet the expectations of athletes. So order today!


Montre Sport Femme: Watch Your Heart Day and Night, Live More Peacefully!

  • Heart attacks are very numerous and can strike you anytime , anywhere
  • Montre sport femme is a smart connected watch  for men and women. It can be associated by Bluetooth with any phone, and functions as a physical activity tracker that never leaves you. Day and night, its technology  watches over your blood pressure, and alerts you to the slightest danger.

# 1 Real-Time Heart Monitoring
The montre sport femme watch tracks your heart rate at all times. It sends you an alert as soon as it detects the slightest abnormality and your heart rate exceeds a preset level while you are resting or active.


# 2 Multiple Features
With automatic heart rate and sleep tracking, montre sport femme analyzes your habits and provides you with a detailed report to help you check how well your body is doing.

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Montre Sport Femme supports you at all times of your life and also in all your Activities.

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Sports pedometer
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Hours
  • Weather Channel
  • Phone notifications
  • Alert programming
  • Alarm clock
  • Call control
  • Music control
  • And much more…

It supports the following languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Korean.The watch has USB rechargeable battery , 260mAh polymer lithium battery, long standby for 30 days.


# 3 Robust design and clean design
Montre sport femme is dust and water proof . You can train indoors as well as outdoors without worrying about anything. The design of montre sport femme is elegant. 3D dynamic user interface, multisport mode support. You can choose from several colors and the colorful display – perfectly legible – gives it a particularly attractive appearance.