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10 Best-Kept Real Estate Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Handling a property as a homeowner being a novice is not an easy job. Everybody needs a place to start off their journey in the real estate business. Being sceptical about certain matters or taking some wrong decisions as a property owner is quite common. However, in Dubai, with all the generic tenancy rules readily available for people, a little load can be put down by property owners. Too many ex-pats are moving into the UAE for various reasons and plan to buy property in Dubai. Out of all, most of them could be first-time buyers. When they decide to upsize or move to other parts of Dubai, most of them would definitely sell their existing property to manage the finances. As a first-time seller in Dubai, the following tips can be used as a checklist to guide people throughout the process:

                   BE AVAILABLE FOR SHOWINGS

To Fastrack the selling process, being there throughout every property viewing or staging is crucial. Missing out on any schedule of viewings after promising people and fixing appointments will put the seller in a bad light. Keeping the property ‘ready to show’ at all times is essential to clear out the unnecessary mess, curtains, rugs, furniture and more.



Every individual has their own preferences, especially when it comes to maintaining the atmosphere at home. Anything apart from the standard elements of the property like souvenirs, family photos, personal belongings etc., must be removed. Keeping the place plain and void of furniture and other kinds of stuff will help the buyer have their own imagination. 



The foremost step taken by any homeowner before entering their property on the charts is to conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire property. Without missing out on the debris collected on the windows or cobwebs in the attics, or dust on the panes, every single room must be given greater attention.



Not even an experienced property owner knows how to quote the price for his property at the time of selling. Comparing several similar kinds of homes in the neighbourhood and the current market trends will provide necessary insights for pricing the properties the right way by considering the proper size, type and location.



As a newbie seller, one would find it challenging to walk through every step of the process without missing out on anything. To avoid this hassle, working with real estate agents in Dubai would save more than half of the work to be done by the seller. This way, the whole process can be completed quickly.



People, especially women, are fond of larger closets and wardrobes in their homes. Providing more oversized storage facilities by making slight adjustments will appeal to the buyers. Likewise, making the rooms appear bigger by minimizing furniture or other elements will help reach the goal. Clearing out the whole clutter is another way to show the actual property size.



Buyers visiting the house are open-minded and look for any kind of valuable changes that come their way. Converting attics or extra storage rooms into a guest room, reading room or a tiny bedroom would instantly attract the visitors. A private working space, gaming room or a home theatre would be excellent alternatives loved by anybody.



The most treasured thing about Dubai is the climate which is humid and bright most of the time. Having the living room and other rooms naturally ventilated and bright will save so much electricity and give a natural glimmer to the indoors. Using light-colored curtains or removing extra furniture that makes the room darker is perfect. 



Being first-time buyers, most of them would get excited or panic when they find any kind of repairs within the house. Due to this, they would start spending too much on not-so-required elements of the property. Considering only the influential stuff like fixing doors, hinges, knobs, wall paints and utilities would suffice.



Among the many people who approach the property to close the deal, property owners need to identify their ideal buyer before randomly picking someone else. The right buyer would show interest and try taking the conversation forward, do not ghost away or behave suspiciously. With the vibe one can get from them, sellers can effortlessly identify the right person for a buyer in Dubai.

Selling homes for the first time could seem daunting for most people in a massive neighborhood like Dubai. Planning the selling process much earlier will make it more comfortable for sellers than fiddling with things at the last minute. If someone is toiling with all these procedures, they can approach a professional to handle them.