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10 Practices of the Best Paid Media Agency

10 Practices of the Best Paid Media Agency

Establishing a solid online presence in today’s digital landscape — of constant content and dwindling attention spans — involves the use of some serious chops and diversity in your strategy. While unpaid media can be a significant component of your marketing strategies, paid ads, social media posts, and product reviews are equally crucial.

Paid media has proven to be an incredibly powerful and versatile tool when put to use correctly. According to one study, online advertising budgets are projected to rise by 11% every year till 2027. If you’re considering working with a paid media agency to put some of that sweet cash of yours to good use, keep reading to learn more about the best practices you should keep your eyes peeled for when choosing one for your needs.


Practices Followed by The Best Paid Media Agency

Paid media, simply put, refers to content that is promoted through paid placements. Broadly speaking, paid media marketing includes strategies like PPC ads, sponsored social media posts, video ads, and pop-ups. By partnering with an excellent paid media agency, you gain instant access to great leads. Here are 10 best practices a good paid media agency will follow if you choose to collaborate with one:

1. Conduct Thorough Audience Research

It’s crucial to conduct detailed audience research as part of any social media marketing plan. For a paid media agency, this involves understanding your target customers’ motivations, inspirations, and pain points — along with how your brand can provide the perfect solution for them. By doing this, a paid media agency ensures that they know exactly who they’re creating content for.


2. Choose and Invest Time in The Right Channels

Like all digital advertising, paid media, too, needs to be customized for the appropriate platform. To get the most out of your money, a paid media agency will take the time to choose the right platform to display your content. To this end, a paid media agency will draw from audience research to identify the best platform to reach them.

Once they know where they will focus your money and time, a paid media agency will draw on data from each platform to help you determine which channels your audience is already interacting with and how to leverage them to meet your goals.


3. Make Use of Data-Driven Strategies and Course Correction as Needed

A good paid media agency will review benchmarks and set goals regularly while also looking beyond recurring analyses to monitor campaign performance at a macro level. They will also leverage vital industry tools to provide you with more accurate and actionable insights into how your investments are actually doing.


4. Related: Report to You Regularly

Regularly receiving easily understandable reports from a paid media agency can help you stay informed on the performance of your ads. However, the metrics included in these reports should be tailored to your specific objectives rather than relying on a standard format. Generally, reports should include a wide range of key metrics to measure performance. These may include conversation numbers and rates, your average cost per click, clickthrough rate, revenue, and the ads that are doing best, along with regular updates on engagement metrics.


5. Thoughtfully Tailor Your Content to Your Audience

Thoughtfully Tailor Your Content to Your Audience

A paid marketing agency will carefully consider the appropriate timing and context for your content and commit to working tirelessly to create content that aligns precisely with the characteristics of each platform you’re active on — and the specific audience it attracts.


6. Stick to Your Budget

Determining how to allocate your budget can be a daunting aspect of paid campaigns. A good paid media agency will not demand that you immediately commit to a significant budget for paid marketing. Instead, they will help you start with a modest amount and gradually make changes — only after demonstrating the initial success of their work.

Working with a team of experts at a paid media agency gives you the luxury of delegating tasks related to building, running, and monitoring ads for your business.


7. Leverage State of The Art Industry Tech

By working with a paid media agency, you can take advantage of a wide range of sophisticated tools, leading to methodical and insightful planning of your media buys that reduces ad waste while bringing you excellent response rates and returns in the long run.


8. Bring You Experience and Expertise

When you partner with a paid media agency with a successful track record in running campaigns, it’s worth taking the time to evaluate their expertise first. To this end, ask any paid media agency you wish to work with for case studies and testimonials that showcase how they have assisted businesses similar to yours in the past.


9. Streamline Your Marketing

When you partner with the best paid media agency, you get to have your ad strategy, production, and execution all managed by one team. A paid media agency will take the time to familiarize them with your business and team, allowing them to gain a thorough understanding of your objectives and existing strategies.


10. Maintain Transparency and Clear Communication

It is vital for a paid media agency to maintain transparency and honesty throughout your partnership with them. They should be able to give you clear explanations in terms of their actions and keep you informed of any developments as and when needed. Consistent communication with your team is necessary to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Your paid media agency should provide you with a detailed breakdown of how your advertising budget is being spent and should notify you if any issues arise and keep you updated on how your ads are performing.


The Upshot

Finding a paid media agency that demonstrates a thorough understanding of digital marketing and recognizes how advertising will complement your brand’s existing online presence is vital. This is where an experienced paid media agency like AdLift comes in: they conceptualize and create ads that work beautifully to complement your digital marketing strategies as a whole.