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5 Reasons to Invest In Art Pieces

When choosing to invest, most people consider things like stocks or even cryptocurrency, especially in 2022. However, newer investors seldom consider investing in an often-expensive art medium- art pieces themselves.

Art the world over regularly makes the news, accompanied by how much a painting sells for, meaning that art is being sold and bought. In the news recently, British Artist Lucian Freud sold an art piece for a staggering £35 million, which was named ‘Benefits Survivor Resting’.’ Meaning that if you invest in art, you could get a nice return. Still unconvinced? Here are 5 Reasons to consider Investing in art pieces as Part of diversifying your Portfolio.


It Is Stable

The stock market bounces around, with stocks inflating and deflating in value every day. Going back to the idea of cryptocurrency, in the last few weeks, the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin has dropped in value substantially, meaning that if you invested in it, you probably lost money.

Investing in art is not a new idea and is seen by many who trade as a stable investment, as it is only likely to increase with the artist’s popularity or with time itself. Paintings, vases, and sculptures rarely decrease in value, meaning you can make a pretty penny investing in upcoming artists and new art types.


You Will Have Ownership Rights

Suppose you invest in a painting that is on display in a museum. If the artist passes away, this is now an item that you will own, or have partial ownership of.

This means that it is your choice whether to sell it, move it, or even display it in your collection if you want to. However, most people who invest in an art piece that was previously on display will usually opt to keep it in the original location.


Investing In Artists

The future is the young people, and many of those who invest in art pieces are doing so to help promote talent in this field. By investing in local artists, or even global ones, you can help the younger generation to find their foothold in this area and help them to build on their skills and make some money and fame for themselves.

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If you have shares in Disney, if the stock market relating to CNN begins to crash, the shares in Disney will likely begin to crash too. The stock market is an interwoven web, with the prices of a core company impacting many others at the same time.

Much like precious metals, art pieces are more stable, and they are separate from these fluctuations. Making it an ideal area to invest in that is not prone to traditional volatility.


It’s Pretty

There is no way around it, the stocks, and bonds certificates that you have simply don’t compare in aesthetic value next to an oil painting, a vase, or a sculpture made from sun-baked clay. Art is a rare investment that you can hang in your home, or your office and showcases your personality.