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5 Things To Gift Someone Who Loves Trekking

It is the season for giving, and one expert report identifies thoughtfulness as the most important element in gift-giving as it enhances personal connections. However, getting your hiker buddy, family member, or colleague a thoughtful trekking-related gift is daunting, even for fellow hikers. Most trekkers have some gear bias and varying hiking experience levels that make gifting them challenging. This post will make shopping for the trekker much easier. Below is the ultimate guide to help you identify the most practical, safe, and comfortable trekking-themed gifts for any trekker.

1.   The Crate Club Outdoor Subscription Box

The Crate Club Outdoor Subscription Box

Nothing screams thoughtfulness more than gifting a trekker an outdoor-themed subscription box. The Crate Club offers the best-rated survival monthly subscription box, as voted by budding trekkers and other outdoor thrill seekers. It has three different subscription packages featuring monthly tactical and survival items delivered to your doorstep.

Although “tactical” and “survival” seem intimidating and somewhat niche-specific, The Crate Club’s subscription boxes feature useful items for everyone. Also, while trekking is a fun and health-endorsing activity, it has numerous inherent risks.

According to one statistical report, 4000-5000 hike/trek-related injuries occur annually in the US. Moreover, the report also showed that park rangers and emergency services conduct approximately 15000 search and rescue missions relating to injured or lost trekkers and hikers. Therefore, trekking warrants significant preparedness, and a Crate Club Outdoor subscription box has ample gear the trekker in your life can use to stay safe while on the trail.

As stated earlier, The Crate Club features three subscription packages, Lieutenant, Major, and General. The Lieutenant package features beginner-friendly items, while the General package features the ultimate survivalist outdoor gear. Nonetheless, all packages feature high-value items from top American outdoor and tactical gear brands. Moreover, the brand exclusively relies on professionals from various outdoor fields to curate field-tested gear.

From as low as $49 per month, your trekking buddy can receive everyday carry items like trail self-defense tools, knife care kits, fire starters, multi-tools, and tactical pens. Also, the advanced packages may feature medical kits, purification systems, optics, and tactical items like bulletproof backpacks and bag inserts.

There are no monthly themes, so each crate from The Crate Club is a pleasant surprise. Moreover, a Crate Club subscription gives the trekker in your life access to a community space where they can receive fantastic giveaways. You can consult The Crate Club’s support team for advice on the package to choose if you are uncertain about your trekker buddy’s preference. Moreover, they can switch up or cancel the subscription at any time.


2.   Trekking Apparel Gift Cards and eVouchers

The only thing that beats thoughtfulness in gift-giving is the gift of choice. Therefore, consider gifting the trekker in your life a hiking apparel gift card or e-voucher so they can choose the appropriate garment for their next trekking adventure.

While most trekking gear is standard, trekking apparel requirements vary according to the trail. For example, a jungle hike, boulder hiking, and a snowy mountain trail all require different clothing types.

Second, size and fit make it challenging to choose comfortable apparel in the recipient’s absence. Moreover, the apparel store may not have a customer-friendly return or exchange policy.

Therefore, a trekking apparel gift card or e-voucher eliminates all the challenges of buying clothes for a third party in their absence. Moreover, such a gift ensures that the trekker in your life looks fantastic during their next excursion. However, ensure the gift card or e-voucher is from their preferred hiking apparel brand or retail store.


3.   A Trekking Trowel

A Trekking Trowel

A trekking trowel is an essential yet often overlooked outdoor gear, especially for multi-day trekking trips. It is a lightweight, multi-use digging tool that serves multiple functions along the hiking trail.

For example, trekkers use trowels to clear rocky patches when staking a tent for an overnight stay. Trowels are also helpful when digging up campsite fire pits along the trail and shoveling dirt over the fire to put it out. Also, their most popular use is digging catholes.

However, not all trowels are made equal. Therefore, consider the following features when shopping for a trowel to gift a hiker. An ideal trekking trowel should be lightweight but durable, with an ergonomic handle and a thin but stable blade.


4.   Gizmos

Technology is ubiquitous, permeating all areas of life, including outdoor hobbies like trekking. However, while most hikers prefer to leave gadgets behind while on the trail, some gadgets enrich the trekking experience.

An excellent example of a hike-centric gadget is an outdoor-optimized smartwatch. Such watches feature trail maps, GPS, a compass, a thermometer, an altimeter, and water resistance, alongside standard smartwatch features. Other gizmos you can gift the trekker in your life include GPS devices.

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5.   Hiking Foods And Snacks

Hiking Foods And Snacks

Proper nutrition while trekking is essential to help generate a constant energy supply because trekking is an energy-intensive activity. Easy-prep energy-giving foods with a long shelf life are the go-to for trekkers. Therefore, consider gifting trekkers trail mix snacks and other dehydrated lightweight food packs they can carry along the trekking trail.



Gifting a trekker something practical is not easy but achievable. Moreover, the guide above should help you explore trekking gift ideas for gifts that will serve the trekker in your life well into the future.